Kinderberry Hill Child Development Center - Eden Prairie

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Basic Information

Address: 10160 Hennepin Town Road Eden Prairie, MN 55347
Phone Number: 952-345-8012
Fax Number: 952-345-8017

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Ages/Grades: 6 weeks through Pre-K
School Type: Child Development Center
Classroom Size: 8 Infant, 12 Toddler, 16 Intermediate, 18 Pre-Kindergarten

All-inclusive Monthly Tuition based on schedule and program.

Notes/School Information:

As the Twin Cities' premier child development experts for over 25 years, Kinderberry Hill has a proven reputation for providing the finest learning experience available for Minnesota's youngest learners. At Kinderberry Hill, our promise to you includes:

  • A safe, nurturing environment, staffed with high quality early childhood educators
  • Proven best practices for educational and personal development
  • With Reggio Emilia influences, our curriculum occurs through child-led exploration and discovery in a supportive, enriching environment that fully prepares children for kindergarten and beyond
  • The emotional security and intellectual challenge to nurture every child's development, while providing peace of mind for parents
  • Executive function skills, "skills for life", are regularly assessed and mindfully included in daily activities