Marina View Preschool & Kindergarten

Basic Information

Address: 25301 Sweet Meadow Lane, Laguna Niguel, California 92677
Phone Number: 949-249-8687
Fax Number: 949-249-6932

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Director: Beverly Kratz
Ages/Grades: 12 months up through Kindergarten (Age 6)
Licensor: California Dept.of Social Services
License Number: 304270922
School Type: Private Preschool and Full day Kindergarten
Classroom Size: Infant 4:1, Toddler 6:1, Preschool 12:1, Jr. and regular Kindergarten 12:1
Year Opened: 1996
Hours: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm
School Season: We operate year round
Meals Provided?: No
Full Time/Part Time: Both
Languages Spoken: English
First Aid Certified?: Yes
Religious?: No
Extended Care?: Yes
Summer School/Camp?: Yes
Transportation Provided?: No
Financial Assistance Accepted?: Yes
Academic Programs: S.T.E.M program in Preschool. Full day academic Junior Kindergarten and Regular Kindergarten Students in our Kindergarten each have Kindle Fire Tablets
School Events: We celebrate all the traditional holidays
School History:

Private, family owned and operated preschool