Hubbard Mastery School

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Basic Information

Address: 104 West Hubbard Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43215
County: Franklin
District: Columbus City
Phone Number: 6143655564
Fax Number: 6143655562
Principal: Susan McGeean

Action Shots

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Additional Information

School Type: Pre-Kindergarten through 6th Grades
District ID: 3904380
School ID: 390438000636
State District ID: 043802
State School ID: 011593
School Schedule (Hours in Day): 9:00am-3:30pm
School Colors: Purple and White
PTA Organization: Yes
Lunch Availability: Free lunch offered to all students
Uniform Guidelines:

Hubbard Mastery School does not have a uniform. We celebrate and respect diversity and personal choice. Good taste and neatness are our guidelines for student dress. Please refer to the Columbus City School Dress Code Policy.

General Guidelines:
“Sagging” will not be permitted. Shorts should come within 2 inches of the student knee.
Shirts will be without reference to violence or negative messages.
Sleeveless shirts will be a minimum of 2 inches on the shoulder.
Head covering is limited to religious expression.
Hats will be removed upon entry to the building
Excessive heels are not to be worn
Coats will be stored on hooks, not worn during the school day

Mission Statement:

"Each student is highly educated, prepared for leadership and service, and empowered for success as a citizen in a global community."

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Hubbard Mastery School provides a safe learning environment where students are respectful, responsible, and empowered to be agents of change in their global community.
Hubbard Mastery School is guided by a site based council. The council helps to plan upcoming events and makes sure the needs of students are being addressed by the school. The SBC is made up of staff, community partners, and parents.

Programs and Services:

All students will participate in Mastery Based Learning at Hubbard. This provides individualized instruction so all students can learn at their own pace.

Student academic support programs at Hubbard Mastery School include the following:

* Each student will be provided with intervention and enrichment daily.

* Mastery learning will be celebrated daily!

*Students will participate in a year long project to help them improve their global competence.

*Students get to learn Mandarin Chinese!
* Academic Tutor

* Two High Incidence Resource Classrooms

* English as a Second Language Resource support personnel