Humanities and Fine Arts Charter School

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Basic Information

Address: 213 North Lee Street, Leesburg, Florida 34748
County: Lake
District: Lake County Public Schools
Phone Number: (352) 315-4322
Fax Number: (352) 315-4326
Principal: Dr. Shelia Y. Smalley

Action Shots

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Additional Information

School Type: Free Public Charter School
Grade Level: K-5
Founded: 2010
School Setting:

The Humanities and Fine Arts Charter School provides parents and students with a choice in selecting the type of instructional curriculum and learning environment best suited to meet their educational needs and preferences. The Charter School is founded on the guiding principle that EVERY student will learn. We believe that each student possesses a unique combination of gifts, talents and intelligences that when given expression, nurtured and valued in the instructional curriculum, MOTIVATES her/him to achieve in all areas of school life.

School Schedule (Hours in Day): M,T,T,F 8:15 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. and W 8:15 - 2:30 p.m.
School Days in Calendar Year: 180
School Holidays: Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day
School Colors: maroon and gold

Lake County, Florida

School Size: 145
Support Services:

•Inter-disciplinary curriculum aligned with Common Core State Standards, the Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and Benchmarks for Humanities, Music, Art, Drama and Dance

•Grades K-2 2010-11 Grades K-3 2011-12 Grades K-4 2012-13 Grades K-5 2013-14

•Qualified and dedicated teachers and administrators

•Core subject areas infused with Humanities and Fine Arts/Star Performance Program throughout the curriculum for all grade levels

•New state of the art facility

•Student majors in: Music, Art, Drama, Dance and Oration

•Technology rich classrooms

•Student productions, performances and exhibitions for invited audiences of peers, parents and communities

•Rich and diverse community resources (i.e., musicians, playwrights, dancers, orators and artists), who will serve as volunteers

•Parent Leadership Training and workshops to assist parents in their children’s education

PTA Organization: Yes
Lunch Availability: yes-Food Services with Free & Reduced Meals
Uniform Guidelines:

School Uniform Shirt, Burgundy or White
Khaki Brown Pants
Khaki Brown Shorts
Khaki Brown Skorts
Black or White Tennis Shoes

School Uniform Shirt, Burgundy or White
Khaki Brown Pants
Khaki Brown Shorts
Black or White Tennis Shoes

All students are expected to wear appropriate school uniforms daily.
*Non-school attire: capris, short shorts, baggy shorts, cargo shorts, jeans and corduroys of any color, skirts, dresses and jumpers.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Humanities and Fine Arts Charter School is to
• provide quality educational programs for kindergarten through fifth grade students that promote academic success and creativity;
• infuse the Humanities and Fine Arts throughout the curriculum, through Humanities and Fine Arts instruction and opportunities for oratory, musical, artistic, dramatic and dance performances;
• empower students to create artistic expressions;
• maximize the potential of students to become critical thinkers, independent learners and leaders of tomorrow.

Enrollment Characteristics: We are a Tuition FREE Public Charter School and are accepting enrollment applications for K-5 students who reside or parent works in Lake County. With your child as a student at our school, you can expect her/him to receive instruction through proven innovative techniques. Our curriculum is aligned with the Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and Benchmarks, Common Core State Standards and Humanities and Fine Arts State Standards. Through the use of data-driven instruction, we target the students’ areas of weakness while building upon their strengths. We have multicultural diversity among both staff and students. We offer a rich fine arts curriculum (i.e., music, art, drama, dance and oration)
School History:

From the school's inception, the staff has been committed to assessing student progress. Each Fall, the Metropolitan Achievement Test- Edition 8 (MAT8) is administered in every grade. Each Spring, the MAT8 is given again to determine student growth. The Humanities and Fine Arts Charter School has administered the FCAT for only two years. Thus, FCAT data cannot be used to determine the school's overall academic progress. However, 2013-14 and thereafter, three years of FCAT data will be used to evaluate student learning gains. As a result of the three year administration of the MAT (Edition 8), the test data indicate a pattern of upward gain from Fall to Spring over the three year period since the school's inception. It shows a trend and provides evidence that Humanities and Fine Arts Charter School is indeed making a measurable difference in student learning.

Notable Graduates:

The FCAT must be administered over a three year period in order for a start-up charter school to receive a school grade.

Presently, the school has only two years of FCAT data. Therefore, the school receives a no grade (NG) until the end of the three year period, which ends 2013-14.

Programs and Services:

Humanities | Oration | Music | Chorus/Vocal Music | Art | Drama | Dance

Notes/School Information:

If you are looking for a FREE PUBLIC SCHOOL with an academic program infused with Humanities and Fine Arts throughout the curriculum, a culturally diverse faculty and student body, a safe and nurturing environment in which to achieve academic success, create artistic expressions and performances, a place where every child is a "star," then look again at the Humanities and Fine Arts Charter School!