Lincoln Middle School

Basic Information

Address: 305 17th St. E.
County: Manatee
District: Manatee County School District
Phone Number: (941)721-6840
Fax Number: (941)721-6853
Principal: Ronnie King

Action Shots

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Additional Information

School Type: Public Middle School
Grade Level: 6-8
Founded: In 1949, Lincoln High School and Memorial High School merged to form Lincoln Memorial High School. The school became a middle school in 1969.
School Schedule (Hours in Day): Student Day is from 9:20 - 3:45
School Colors: Blue and Grey
School Mascot: Trojans
School Size: 600 students
Student/Teacher Ratio: 15:1
After School Programs: Yes
School Championships:

FFA, TSA, Basketball, Soccer, Football

School Clubs:

FFA, FBLA, FBA, Student Council, 4-H, AVID

Lunch Availability: Yes
Uniform Guidelines:

Follow the district dress code

Mission Statement:

Lincoln Middle School's mission is to engage students in a productive learning environment supported by trust and communication among students, staff, and the community.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Lincoln Middle School's vision is to inspire and motivate our students to communicate, collaborate, and to make positive choices and become productive citizens in our community.
Make a Change!
Make a Difference!

Enrollment Characteristics: Diverse