Southwest Preparatory School NW Campus

Basic Information

Address: 6535 Culebra Road San Antonio, TX 78238
County: Bexar
District: Southwest Preparatory School District
Phone Number: 210-432-2634
Fax Number: 210-432-5482
Principal: Brooks Green

Action Shots

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Additional Information

School Type: Public Charter School
Accreditation: Texas Education Agency, Southern Assoc. of Colleges & Schools, National Academy Foundation
State District ID: 015807
State School ID: 015807004
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12
Founded: 1998
School Setting:

Small classroom sizes where students can learn in a safe and caring school. Real world curriculum is taught using project based learning assignments in a fun learning environment. Industry certifications and internship experiences are available to juniors and seniors from our Academies of Criminal Justice, New Media and Hospitality and Tourism Management. Internal College scholarships are available to all students beginning in the 6th grade.

School Schedule (Hours in Day): 8:30 am - 3:30 pm Night School 6:00 pm-10:10 pm
School Days in Calendar Year: 177
School Colors: Black and Silver
School Mascot: Knights
School Size: 250
Classroom Size: 17
Student/Teacher Ratio: 15-1
Computer Capabilities:

20-25 computers per classroom

Lunch Availability: Yes
Parking Spaces/Availability:

Student parking available

Uniform Guidelines:

Business Casual

Mission Statement:

The mission of Southwest Preparatory School is to provide an adaptive and effective learning environment that will prepare youth to succeed in the workplace and or college