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Basic Information

Address: 31 W. Coulter Street , Philadelphia , PA 19144
Phone Number: 215-951-2340 admissions

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Germantown Friends School
Germantown Friends School
Germantown Friends School
Germantown Friends School

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Additional Information

President: Richard L. Wade, Head of School
School Type: A nationally recognized Quaker day school, grades K-12
Founded: 1845
Ages/Grades: Kindergarten through 12 th grade
School Setting:

15 buildings on a 7-acre main campus; 14 acres of athletic fields and facilities nearby

School Size: 895 students
Student/Teacher Ratio: 8/1

$15,060 for Kindergarten to $22,377 for 10 th through 12 th grades

Financial Aid:

Awarded to 21% of students. Average financial aid grant is $8,773


Lower School - The curriculum is interdisciplinary, focused on broad social studies themes that bring together ideas and skills from varied subject areas. In the younger grades, students are immersed in themes such as families, Germantown , Native American culture, Colonial America, and Asian and African countries. Students in upper grades undertake in-depth studies of Ancient Greece, the Middle Ages, and Islam. To a significant extent, language arts, music and visual art, and even mathematics are integrated into these thematic studies. Learning is enriched by travels to natural, historic, and cultural sites, by many opportunities to perform on stage, and by experiences learning and working with neighbors in Germantown and members of other communities.

Middle School - The middle school program meets the needs of children growing through years of intellectual and personal transition, combining structure and support with increasing challenge and independence. Students gradually move from self-contained classrooms to fully departmental structure, in which they have different teachers for each subject. The curriculum focuses on skills critical to later academic success and reflects recent research on brain development. Children find many opportunities to explore emerging interests, strengthen their sense of individual identity, and gain experience in leadership roles.

Upper School- Upper school students find a fascinating array of courses and great flexibility in configuring academic programs to meet their individual interests. Faculty bring an exceptional level of scholarship, creativity, and experience to bear in shaping each course, resulting in rich and challenging reading lists, provocative assignments, and stimulating classroom dialogue. Students are passionate in their commitments to extracurricular interests and find many options to explore personal talents, pursue athletic and artistic achievement, and contribute to the life of the school and community.

Percentage of Graduating Class: 100%
Camp Programs: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Wireless campus

School Championships:

Over 90 League championships in the past 25 years

School Clubs:

Over 90 League championships in the past 25 years

Uniform Guidelines:

GFS recognizes that choice of clothing is a highly personal matter; a valuable form of expressing the self. Our school cultivates respect for individual expression and the capacity for responsible choice; we encourage students to make clothing choices that reflect respect for themselves and for others

Admissions Requirements:

The admissions process includes several steps, including: completion of the application form, parents' interview and tour of the campus, student's visit to GFS, confidential teacher recommendation(s), admission testing, transcript and school records (grades 1-12), and writing samples (middle and upper school applicants).

Mission Statement:

Germantown Friends School is dedicated to reaching that of God in every person. Our mission is to seek truth, challenge the intellect, honor differences, embrace the city, and nurture each child's mind, body, and spirit

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Germantown Friends School was founded on the belief that there is that of God in everyone. Together, love and respect for each individual provide the premise for all that we do. We regard education not as training for a particular way of life, but as part of a lifelong process, and as we guide and encourage our students in their personal growth, we try to cultivate and support them in principles that Friends have long considered to have lasting value. Among these are truthfulness, simplicity, and self-discipline, the resolution of differences without violence, and respect for diverse heritages and experiences.

School History:

Germantown Friends School is a kindergarten through twelfth grade co-educational, independent school, established in 1845, under the care of the Germantown Monthly Meeting.

The school counts several dates as significant in history, in addition to its founding date of 1845. Perhaps the most significant among these dates is 1957 when Germantown Meeting responded to an offer of land for the school in the suburbs with a clear decision to remain on its founding site. That decision has resulted in a conscious and intentional relationship with the communities that surround the school, relationships which deeply influence the school today.