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Basic Information

Address: Ackworth School Pontefract Road Ackworth WF7 7LT
County: West Yorkshire
Phone Number: 01977233620
Principal: Anton Maree

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Ackworth School
Ackworth School
Ackworth School
Ackworth School

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Additional Information

School Type: All-through School
Founded: 1779
Organization Affiliation: Society of Friends, BSA, HMC, IAPS,
Ages/Grades: 2.5-18
School Setting:

A historic school set in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, close to the cities of Leeds and York, with excellent connections to Manchester and London.

School Schedule: 8
School days in Calendar Year: 170
School Holidays: 195
School Size: 500
Classroom Size: 15
Student/Teacher Ratio: 12:1

Based on year group

Financial Aid:

Scholarships and bursaries available upon application


Nursery (2.5 - 4 years)
Coram House (4.5 - 10 years)
Senior (11 - 16 years)
Sixth Form (17 - 18 years)

Support Services:

SEN support available from the school's Learning Support Unit.

Summer School: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Computer labs. Every pupil from Year 5 up receives their own iPad.

School Championships:

UK National Table Tennis Champions

School Clubs:

Over 70 after school clubs to choose from.

Uniform Guidelines:


Admissions Requirements:

The Ackworth admissions process is designed to ensure that the young person concerned would benefit from the opportunities of an Ackworth education.

An offer of a place at Ackworth depends on there being a vacancy in the relevant year group, the completion of the School’s own entrance examinations and a reference from the pupil’s previous school.

In the case of entry into the Sixth Form, conditional offers are made on the basis of a reference from the pupil’s current school and the achievement of appropriate grades at GCSE or equivalent.

Following the offer of a place by the School, parents should return the acceptance form and include a £400 acceptance fee which secures the place.


Entry at 4+ is by an informal assessment during a taster session. Entry at 7+ is by interview and a test. This will normally involve a test of potential and achievement in the areas of literacy, numeracy and reasoning.


Entry at 11+ and 12+ is by school reference, interview (where possible) and tests.
These will involve Mathematics and English tests set by the School and a non-verbal reasoning test.

Entry at 13+ and 14+ is as at 11+, though the papers will be appropriate to the age of the child.

Entry at 16+ is by school reference, interview and evidence of satisfactory GCSE grades.

Entrance tests usually take place in January, although individual tests take place throughout the year.


  • Each student is considered individually.
  • Students sit the Ackworth English test and a current school report is requested.
  • An interview with the Head or Director of Marketing and Admissions, either in person or by Skype/Zoom
Philosophy/Belief Statement: Ackworth School Aims: To develop a well-integrated and self-disciplined community, with an international dimension, in which the values of Quakers are seen to underpin the school. To help all pupils to progress at a pace appropriate to their age, aptitude, interests and ability, to achieve the best external examination results of which they are capable and to leave school equipped to lead a full and responsible life in the adult world. To provide, and encourage the use of, the widest possible range of opportunities, e.g. sporting, creative and recreational, outside the formal curriculum. To help pupils to grow in self-respect and to appreciate and enjoy the benefits of good health. To encourage pupils to consider others before self, to look for the good in people and to be honest and trustworthy at all times. To encourage service to others within and beyond school. To provide, in conjunction with parents and guardians, care and support for pupils as they develop and mature. To help pupils to value their fine surroundings and the work of those who maintain them and to extend their appreciation to an understanding of wider environmental issues.
School History:

Ackworth School was founded in 1779 by John Fothergill on behalf of The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and the School Committee (or Board of Governors) is still accountable to this body. The School was established for Quaker boys and girls and the Quaker Christian ethos, with its emphasis on quiet reflection and the search for God within oneself and within others, lies at the heart of the School.

Periods of reflective silence form part of each day, during Morning Meeting and before meals for example, and each Thursday there is a short silent Meeting for Worship for the whole School. On Sunday morning boarders attend Quaker Meeting for Worship unless they wish to attend another place of worship. The importance of respect for others and honesty at all times emphasised by the Quaker faith helps to produce a calm, friendly atmosphere which is supportive and reassuring for young people.

The majority of pupils are from non-Quaker families and about 10% come from other countries. Indeed, the international nature of the School, especially in the Sixth Form, is one of its distinctive features. As in any such community, there has to be a clear disciplinary framework and our expectations are high. Ackworth pupils respond well to this and to the opportunities provided for assuming responsibilities, for example within the boarding houses and on the School Council.

Notes/School Information:

Ackworth has always been a co-educational, boarding and day school. For over 230 years, we have maintained a passion for teaching and learning. We are proud of our traditions and family values, but equally proud of our innovative approach to co-education.

Ackworth is a dynamic and forward-thinking school. We strive to develop resilient individuals who not only think creatively but also act ethically and with responsibility. We encourage our students to express themselves with confidence, to embody the Quaker value of speaking respectfully to others, but also in a way that is true to themselves and their beliefs.

Located in a beautiful rural setting in Yorkshire, we offer broad educational opportunities from nursery age to sixth form, for day pupils and boarders.

Some of these opportunities are:

  • proven academic performance
  • a safe and supportive atmosphere
  • the strength of quiet reflection
  • excellent sport, music, drama, visual arts and recreational facilities