Be Strong, Be Wise Sexual Assault Awareness and Personal Safety

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Basic Information

Address: 458 Park Street, Rockport, ME 04856
Phone Number: 207-975-4504
Fax Number: N/A
Director: Amy Carpenter, LCSW, CYI

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Be Strong, Be Wise Sexual Assault Awareness and Personal Safety
Be Strong, Be Wise Sexual Assault Awareness and Personal Safety
Be Strong, Be Wise Sexual Assault Awareness and Personal Safety

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Additional Information

Grade Levels: 6-8, 9-12
Length: 45 - 60 minute Assembly

Open to travel!

Pricing: $500.00

I teach a sexual assault awareness and safety course to teens, and offer a train-the-trainer course to teachers and counselors. Our evidence-based course has proven to more than double awareness scores and lower sexual acting out behavior school-wide!

Residencies: none currently
Setup: just need a screen for power point
Takedown: none required
Equipment: my laptop!
Special Requirements: None

Students leave the Assembly with a greater sense of:

  • The variables that inform risk

  • How to approach substances wisely

  • How to identify and respond to cyber harassment

  • How to develop the tools and self-knowledge that empower confidence in all areas of life

  • How to establish a safety system when out for an evening with friends that decreases risk without missing any fun or freedom

  • How to understand gender roles as they relate to safety

  • How to recognize the red flags you need to know when meeting new people or starting a new relationship

  • How to respond effectively if someone you care about has been assaulted

Mission Statement:

Be Strong, Be Wise offers parents, educators and teens a road map for discussing sexual assault awareness and personal safety in a way that lets young people be informed, not afraid.

The sexual messages teens receive daily hinders their ability to create healthy, mutually satisfying partnerships.

We believe in the dignity of each teenager and young adult; our courses empower youth to develop the internal tools that increase confidence, decrease risk, and support healthy relationships on all levels, for today — and for the rest of their lives.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: “I love to explore the subject of sexual ethics through the lens of personal empowerment. Young people are our future, and they deserve to know how to create healthy relationships in life.”
Program History:

Offered to middle school, high school and college age young people since 2019. Our train-the-trainer course has equipped teachers and counselors in schools and youth orgs to deliver a course for teens that has been proven to work. Our school-wide assembly pulls from the course in offering concrete tips for helping teenagers respond to cyber harassment, boundary violations and substance use as it affects risk. We draw from current research and reports from our students in delivering an impactful and meaningful hour-long presentation that helps teens ask themselves: What is my protocol for communicating and respecting boundaries?


From Counselors:
”As a psychologist and mother of two teenage boys about to leave for college, Be Strong, Be Wise is an invaluable resource…It will absolutely better anyone, young or old, in knowing how to keep themselves safe.”
-Dr. Nina S., psychologist and parent

“Be Strong Be Wise is an essential guide for campuses everywhere in informing, empowering and equipping young adults regarding Sexual Safety. As the Director of a College Counseling Center, I have witnessed the devastating effects sexual assault has on college students. Amy Carpenter's research-based curriculum takes the guesswork out of how to engage young adults in difficult conversations regarding their sexual safety. The Be Strong, Be Wise curriculum is hands-on, interactive, practical and focuses on skill development. Students will complete the curriculum feeling confident in their abilities to keep themselves and each other safe. After taking the Be Strong, Be Wise training with Amy, I feel equipped to educate my students and promote sexual safety on my campus.”
-Deana T., Director, Gordon College Counseling Center

“To consider sexual assault a pandemic is not hyperbole, it is a statistical fact. It is also one of the most difficult issues to address because of our own discomfort and the default of victim-blaming. Be Strong, Be Wise provides factual, accessible information to equip educators for difficult conversations and risk reduction. As a clinician, I appreciate that Amy Carpenter places 100% responsibility for sexual assault on assailants, while offering empowerment rooted responses and accessible resources for survivors. It is not a matter of "if" you need to talk sexual assault, it is "when," and when you do, you will be grateful for Be Strong, Be Wise.”
- Reid B. S., MA. Mental Health Counselor. 

“Beyond the reports of sensational news, distress and complicated litigation, Be Strong, Be Wise offers practical help for young women, men and the LGBTQ community in facing themselves, supporting their friends, and dealing with the enticing digital world.”
-Gail B., College Counselor


From Parents: 
After taking the course, my daughter came home and said, "Mom, every kid should do that!  She now talks about "trusting her gut,” being assertive and speaking up for what she needs.  My son seems more calm, confident and even more polite.”
Anne P. parent and teacher 


“Be Strong, Be Wise completely removes the stigma around opening a dialogue about sexual safety. It presents practical tools to employ safe habits when in social situations, as well as in personal and intimate relationships. As the father of two young men, ages sixteen and eighteen, I found the information invaluable as I anticipate my sons heading off on their own.”
-Thomas D., parent

“Be Strong, Be Wise offers concrete solutions to some of the toughest situations young people face, daily.”
-Carol M., parent

 “Being a school counselor and a mother of two college-aged women, I found this book and program worth their weight in gold! Amy Carpenter eloquently presents a topic that is pervasive and complicated by connecting directly with her audience in a relaxed and familiar manner.”
-Jenny R., school counselor and parent

 “The real-life stories are compelling and remind us that anyone can be in a vulnerable situation, but how it is handled at the time can avoid an uncomfortable and even serious outcome.”
-Shelia C., parent

From Students:
”Be Strong, Be Wise has given me a type of third eye I never knew existed.”
Mary C.W., College student and blogger

I haven’t ever felt this comfortable in a class before. This is a topic that is NOT talked about enough.”
Sofia M., High School Junior

“I am surprised at how much I learned in this class, as I figured I already knew a lot about sexual safety, but I was wrong!”
Anya B., High School Sophomore

“I’ve always been someone who wanted to please others, but the course taught me to listen to my inner warrior and assert myself when necessary.”
-Celeste M., High School Senior

Full-length Testimonials:

“This is extremely important for students to learn about at this age before going out in the world on their own. Before the program, I thought I was pretty well educated on the topic however, after going through this course I learned so much more than I ever thought I could learn. I can only find positive things to say about this program because a) this is a topic that is NOT talked about enough b) especially as young women but also as young men we need to find our voices and learn as much as we possibly can about this because sexual assault and harassment happens way too often, especially in the world outside of high school and c) I think it is important in general to have a safe space to talk about this in a classroom because many people do not have this at home. Thank you so much Amy!!!”
- Sofia M., High School Junior

“I think the most useful thing I learned was how to be prepared for any potentially dangerous situations and either avoid them or handle them. I am not a very outgoing person and generally tend to listen in discussions, so even when I didn’t speak I always had something that I could say. I liked when you would call on people if it got silent because it helped me be less nervous. I also liked how you listened to everyone’s responses and then responded in a thoughtful way. I always felt comfortable in that class, which is very important to me!!!”
-Anya B., High School Sophomore

“Amy made me feel comfortable and welcome in her space, which was very encouraging, and allowed me to speak up. Not everyone is comfortable talking about things like technology and cyberstalking, so the issues that arise because of it don’t get fixed. But Be Strong, Be Wise really helped me build confidence, and know that I can be better prepared in a threatening situation.”
-Celeste M., High School Senior

“While neither of my children were thrilled at the mention of class for an hour on this topic each Tuesday night, you hooked them immediately and by the end they both said that THEY would LIKE to take another course with you.”
-Anne P., parent and teacher

Additional Information:

"Helping teens identify signs of a toxic relationship, or know what the sexual assault definition is, or how to communicate their boundaries; these are all fundamental aspects to personal safety that we still struggle to discuss. The sexual assault statistics show that we've not come far enough in effectively engaging with our youth in a way that supports their integrity and well-being. At Be Strong Be Wise, we seek to hold straightforward conversations that build individual discernment, while respecting the viewpoint of each and every young person we teach."