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Address: 37-18 Northern Blvd, Suite 105 Long Island City, NY. 11101
Phone Number: 917 723-3548
Fax Number: 917 723-3548
Director: Kuangyu Fong

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Chinese Theatre Works
Chinese Theatre Works
Chinese Theatre Works

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Additional Information

Focus: Chinese cultural programs in opera, music and puppetry, bilingual puppetry workshops and performances
Grade Levels: K-5, 6-8, 9-12
Length: 45-120 minutes

Within the NYC metropolitan region

Pricing: $500- $2500

Overhead Projector Shadow Puppetry, Shadow Puppetry, Chinese Opera dance, Chinese Opera Costumes and Face Painting,Chinese Opera Martial Arts

Residencies: Overhead Projector shadow theater, Chinese Opera intensive. Available for 3-10 sessions
Setup: 30-60 minutes
Takedown: 30- minutes
Equipment: Shadow workshops- basic arts and craft materials, projection screen or blank white wall Opera workshops, large open room or stage.
Special Requirements: None

Shadow Workshops- shadow workshop leads participants through an engaging and exciting
exploration of the ancient performance medium of Overhead Projector (OP) Shadow Theater. The workshop will provide a hands-on understanding of the techniques of creating a original shadow production, using basic crafting techniques. Participants are guided in the process of designing and constructing their own OP shadow figures. Working in small groups, they create, rehearse and perform their own original story. The workshop culminates with a presentation of each group's productions.

Chinese Opera workshops- introduces participants to the world of classic Chinese performance. Skilled professional opera performers guide participants to understand history and aesthetics of Chinese Opera an use practical demonstration and video lectures to introduce the art form and its key elements and concepts. Hands on training in simple movement and choreography, participants learn not only with their minds, but also with their bodies.

Mission Statement:

CTW’s mission is to preserve and promote the traditional Chinese performing arts (including opera, shadow theatre, puppetry, dance and music); to create new works that bridge Eastern and Western aesthetics and forms; and to foster understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture in audiences, students, artists and educators around the globe.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: Based on our years of presenting workshops and AIE programs in schools, universities, museums and cultural centers around the Globe, CTW teaching artists have devised these workshops to partner with teachers and students in using shadow puppetry and Opera as windows into Chinese culture and performance techniques and practice. By engaging students on a level appropriate to age and skill levels, we use traditional performance techniques to cross those invisible barriers of language, cultural, class and political distinctions. The workshops are designed to pass on the maximum information with the fewest materials and tools, in order to illuminate core aspects of Chinese culture and history. We have found over our years of teaching that shadow puppetry provides the most ideal hands-on, craft-centered workshop for classroom circumstances. Since their technical aspects are relatively flexible, we can easily tailor the activities to suit the abilities and interests of primary, high school or college students and teachers. Likewise, Chinese Opera is an effective way to transmit essential aspects of Chinese culture through a grammar of image and gesture-- a universal poetry of movement and object.
Program History:

CTW’s founders and Co-Artistic Directors, Kuang-Yu Fong and Stephen Kaplin, are both seasoned theater professionals and teaching artists with over 30 experiences designing and leading workshops throughout North America and Asia. Since 2001, CTW has presented over 1000 workshops, residencies for all ages and skill sets. In New York City, these programs have been funded in part by grants from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, the New York State Council on the Arts and the Coalition of Theaters of Color. They have worked extensively in the US, China and Taiwan, lecturing and training teachers and educators on using puppetry in the classroom. They have written extensively on their experience as artist/educators- including the practical manual “Theatre on a Tabletop: Puppetry for Small Places,” which outlines many of the techniques they use in their classroom workshops.

Testimonials: As a school administrator I believe Chinese Theatre Works fulfills an important educational mission in bringing culturally diverse performance to our schools I am impressed that they can do this in a manner that is at once enriching and deeply entertaining. Beth Grater—Principal P.S. 205 The Clarion School Their educational presentations are at once entertaining and thoughtfully designed, with clear, lucid English explanations, that provided a window for non-Chinese speaking audience members into the world of Chinese culture and performance aesthetics. I have repeatedly ask CTW to return to AMNH because their innovative and wide-ranging programs never fail to delight our audiences. Teddy Yoshikami-- Manager, Public Programs- Education Department, American Museum of Natural History.
Additional Information:

All workshops can be tailored to suit the particular teaching needs, academic curricula and skill sets of the participating students and participants. Teacher training workshops are also available.

CTW also offers a wide range of lecture/demos, assembly programs featuring traditional Chinese opera, music and dance, as well as a repertoire of full length OP shadow and traditional and contemporary style puppet performances. These can be bundled with classroom worksshops and residencies. We have also created a variety of online virtual workshops and performances as well that can be tailored to schools or presenter's needs.