Dee Mehl Ban

Basic Information

Address: 12815 Westledge Lane Des Peres, MO 63131
Phone Number: 314-504-5849
Director: Dee Ban

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Dee Mehl Ban
Dee Mehl Ban
Dee Mehl Ban
Dee Mehl Ban

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Additional Information

Focus: American History with primary source music from several time periods.
Grade Levels: K-5, 6-8, 9-12
Length: 45 minutes to one hour

Preference within 2 hours of St Louis, negotiable if farther.

Pricing: $150 per classroom. Grade level programs price negotional depending upon number of students.
Setup: Half hour
Takedown: Half hour
Equipment: Power point projector. Microphone/sound system for larger groups.

The American Revolution: A time line of events, primary source music, and lively true stories depict the lead up to the revolution. "Yankee Doodle" is a little song containing a large amount of history.

American Women's History in song: Famous women and forgotten women built this land. Stories both funny and poignant make "herstory" come alive through songs.

Civil War: Students hear this painful history through lyrics from songs of the north, south, and the slaves. The realization that all history has a point of view is evident in this program.

The Journey of Lewis and Clark: Students travel to Oregon and back, learning abut the hardships and discoveries made by Lewis, Clark, and their corps of discovery.

Songs of the Slaves: African music, Christian music, and laments all give students a real sense of the suffering and strength of enslaved Americans.

1960's: Civil Rights and Peace Movements: folk music captures the sentiments of a time of upheaval and change.

Voting Rights and Elections: A visual presentation spans the history of American elections. Through primary source music, students learn about the privilege of voting.

1904 World's Fair: Packed with intriguing stories and vivacious songs from the era, this program is a real crowd pleaser.

Missouri History: Missouri has an interesting history of changing who was in charge. The history of our lovely state with two great rivers and fine land, makes for excellent story telling through song.

Black History, Slavery through Civil Rights: This program compacts 400 years of American history. Featured people include: Harriet Tubman, Malcolm X, Fannie Lou Hamer, Medgar Evers, the Little Rock Nine, and more.

Mission Statement:

To teach American History by way of primary source music from various historical time periods. Students will see pictures and hear American History spoken and sung.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: Musical intelligence is one way in which students of all ages learn. I am a folk musician, historian, and educator. I combine all three to present American History by way of primary source music. Lively discussions ensue as audiences of all ages encounter differing points of view passionately expressed in music. History comes alive when folks understand that there are many voices of the past and they do not always agree.
Program History:

Since 1997 I have sung in many venues including: schools, The Missouri History Museum, a national park site, OASIS, libraries, folk life festivals, and historical societies. The Missouri Arts Council has me on their roster.

Testimonials: "Your presentation was perfect for our age group. Your explanations of the Civil War songs gave the students insights and understanding but were brief enough to hold their attention. The autoharp was fascinating to the kids" 5th grade teacher, New City School "Thank-you for your presentation to my American Civilization class. It was exactly what I wanted. It was wonderful to have the words to the music and be able to discuss them." Team leader Social Studies Department Parkway South High School