Basic Information

Address: 6 Pheasant Dr, Browns Mils, NJ 08015
Phone Number: 917-375-4248
Director: Leslie Freund

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Additional Information

Focus: 21 years of 5 themed science assemblies (both in-person & virtual) - We Bring The Museum To You! Dinosaurs, Fossils, Insects, Sharks & Oceans, Rocks & Minerals and Rocketry & Outer Space.
Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-5, 6-8, 9-12
Length: 40 minutes - 1 1/2 hours -- we offer up to 10 weekly After School Classes

Nationwide for Virtual and in-person in CA and the tri-state NY, NJ, NY tri-state area

Pricing: Varies based on number of students, sessions & hands-on activities selected

We offer up to 10 weeks of hands-on workshops complete with activity supplies - students take home real specimens and multiple craft projects.

Setup: In person we arrive 1 hour prior for setup
Takedown: 15- 20 minutes when in person
Equipment: We can accommodate any school virtual format - Zoom, Google Meets, etc In person we sometimes show an accompanying keynote and need a screen or clear wall to project on as well as tables for our exhibits - that's it!

Virtual or In-Person! We Bring the Museum To You offering 4 themed events and multiple after school enrichment sessions covering Dinosaurs/Fossils, Rocks & Minerals, Sharks & Oceans, Insects and Rocketry & Outer Space. In our 21st year and seen at venues like the Bronx Zoo, Newark Museum, thousands of schools and camps nationwide, and thousands of corporate and private special events. With any of our highly interactive themes, the backdrop is a massive exhibit of genuine and life-size museum-quality specimens - from the life-size skull of Sue the T-Rex to life-size taxidermy sharks/stingrays, to the coolest insects behind glass, to 9 foot high Ice Age Mastodon legs, to dozens of glistening minerals - amethyst towers, giant geodes and more. Given the visual nature of our giant specimens, the program works well in-person and on a virtual screen where we add in fascinating screen shares of digs, aquarium sea creatures, visual demos with our exhibit pieces and Q&A -- all super engaging. Students take home REAL specimens with each of our themes - either in-person with digs, panning or gemstone mining activities or with virtual events, where WE SHIP activity supplies to you - real fossils and minerals...options to add in crack-your-own geodes, shark tooth necklace-making kits, Amber Discovery (polish real rough amber), build your own wooden dinosaur, build a rocket and many more super cool projects.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to spark an interest in children of all ages to the exciting world of science. We accomplish this through having students view and touch incredible museum specimens, participate in interactive shows and engage in hands-on activities with real take-home specimens.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: Every child at every age has innate curiosity and intelligence - we respect and cater to every level when teaching students and believe hands-on learning presented in a fun and entertaining way (even when virtual when combined with including a tactile element in the mail) is extremely effective.
Program History:

DINOSAURS ROCK was founded in 2000 by husband and wife team, Neil Brown & Lesie Freund. What started out as a childhood fascination with fossils and minerals has evolved into an educational organization committed to exceeding expectations. From birthday parties and school assemblies to large scale corporate events, whether in-person or virtual, our unique approach of having every participant take home real specimens has stood the test of time as we celebrate our 21st year.

Additional Information:

We also sell activity supplies and classroom resources at DinosaursRockSuperstore.com

Happy to do a live demo of our virtual programs and answer any questions you may have about our programs. We can customize and modify programs to meet curriculum needs.

We are often used in Fund-Raising efforts and tickets can be sold for our shows and we offer a Museum Shop program whereby schools can sell our fantastic science-themed products, many of which are found at DinosaursRockSuperstore.com