DINOSAURS ROCK Fossil, Rock & Mineral, Ocean, Insects & Electricity Events

Basic Information

Address: Booking office: 1 Penny Lane, Montebello, NY 10901
Phone Number: 845-368-3466
Director: Leslie Freund

Action Shots

DINOSAURS ROCK Fossil, Rock & Mineral, Ocean, Insects & Electricity Events
DINOSAURS ROCK Fossil, Rock & Mineral, Ocean, Insects & Electricity Events
DINOSAURS ROCK Fossil, Rock & Mineral, Ocean, Insects & Electricity Events
DINOSAURS ROCK Fossil, Rock & Mineral, Ocean, Insects & Electricity Events

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Additional Information

Focus: Science, paleontology, earth science
Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-5, 6-8
Length: 45 - 90

We do travel! Please just ask if you are outside of our typical coverage area!

Pricing: Based on number of students, number of sessions and hands-on activities selected

We conduct workshops that can last 3 hours to 1 full week

Setup: 30-60 minutes
Takedown: 30 minutes
Equipment: Tables or a stage for our Museum exhibits -- Some shows have an accompanying keynote and we request a screen or clear wall to project on.

DINOSAURS ROCK has been conducting programs for 19+ years at schools, camps, private events - we also bring our expansive exhibits to public events at venues like the Bronx Zoo or corporate events at Google - We Bring The Museum To You for exciting in-school field trip with an authentic learning experience. Exhibits always exceed expectations with life-size & genuine specimens the backdrop to the show. Programs are fun and entertaining (some multi-media), with great information and education involved in our highly interactive shows where we call up numerous audience volunteers. (we meet Science standards!) Programs are super hands-on with students touching many specimens and always doing an activity like a Fossil Dig, Panning for Gemstones, etc where they discover and take home REAL specimens.
Themes offered include DINOSAURS ROCK, OCEANS ROCK, INSECTS ROCK, GEMS ROCK and on the W. Coast, ELECTRICITY ROCKS (filled with tons of super cool visual demos).
We also offer a 25- ft rushing water sluice on the E. Coast for Gemstone Mining.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: Our goal with every program we conduct is to exceed expectations and excite students about our science-based subject matter!
Program History:

DINOSAURS ROCK was founded by husband and wife team, Neil Brown & Leslie Freund - Neil has had a life-long fascination with science and all the themes that we present - fossils, rocks & minerals, sharks and sea-life, insects and electricity and we are thrilled to be sharing this passion with students and kids of all ages. We are proud to have expanded our themes through our 19+ years of conducting programs. We pride ourselves on our outstanding staff who are not only experts in our subject matter but most importantly individuals who have the innate ability to easily connect with and engage children to be excited about science.

Testimonials: -Your presentation of “Dinosaurs Rock” was so engaging. How special that our students were able to learn about the dinosaur fossils through the ages, Jaclyn Scott, Principal, Mountain Avenue School -“The programs offered are absolutely outstanding. the kids were engaged, enthused, and totally engrossed in a educational experience. One of the Best Programs we’ve ever had," Elementary School principal “This program was absolutely fabulous. The kids were so enthusiastic and has so much fun..Teacher, Private School
Additional Information:

We customize events to meet your needs - We adapt formats for events like Family Fun Nites, parent/child workshops, field days, science fairs etc. We can structure programs as a fund-raiser and often set up a Museum Shop at assembly programs which provide a program discount to schools.