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Address: 147 S. 199th St. Des Moines, WA 98418
Phone Number: 7277718243
Director: Johannes Quilitz

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Additional Information

Focus: Utilizing the shared experience of making music together to empower individuals and build community
Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-5, 6-8, 9-12
Length: 60 minutes


Pricing: Single sessions start at $350 + local sales tax and/or $50 for travel if applicable. Generous discounts by program available for multiple same-day sessions.

Community Drumming: Drumming is EASY! Use teamwork to create amazing music with up to 100 participants! $150 per additional same-day sessions. IE, 6 sessions for a full school day of drumming with each grade separately
Make Your Own Drum: Sand, oil, help head and finish your own Ashiko-inspired hand drum! 6 participants, $60 per additional.
Create A Dragon Egg: Make a colorful, one-of-a kind Dragon Egg keepsake from scratch! 20 participants, $12.50 per additional.
U 2 Can Cartoon!: Can't draw? Great! Learn a repeatable process for creating fully illustrated original cartoon characters. 30 participants, $7.50

Residencies: While not technically a residency, my programs have been embraced by the King County Library System and my Dragon Eggs made the cover of their 2019 Spring Makers Program
Setup: Depends on the program. All setup is done ~1 hour ahead of session.
Takedown: Depends on the program. All take down is done within 15 - 45 minutes after the end of the last session.
Equipment: Depends on the session. All programs include my small PA system and wireless microphone. Drumming includes 70 hand drums, 30 pieces of percussion, wagon Drum Making includes 6+ drum shells, goat skin drum heads, oil, sand blocks, wood glue, zip ties, pliers and a bucket Dragon Eggs includes air dry clay and painted thumbtacks U 2 Can Cartoon! includes pencils, paper, crayons and markers
Special Requirements: Electricity, indoor space (preferred), chairs for all participants, tables depending on program

Community Drumming: Experiencing the empowerment of making music together as a team!.http://drumlifenw.com/drum-circles/
Make Your Own Drum: Learning to build and play your very own drum!
Create a Dragon Egg: Realizing anyone can make something beautiful!
U 2 Can Cartoon!: Realizing everyone can draw when they learn a system and embrace their own style!

Mission Statement:

To empower individuals and build community through the direct experience of creating art and music.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: Art is for EVERYONE! Being creative is essential to learning and living a full and balance life.
Program History:

Since 2001 I have worked as a professional artist and private instructor. In 2010, I began providing enrichment programming throughout Eastern Florida in concert with Giving Tree Music and The D-Pad Inc. In 2015 I brought my passion for the arts to the West Coast, finally settling down south of Seattle quickly finding allies in the King County Library System, Green River College and Seattle Parks and Rec.

Testimonials: This Drum Assembly by Johannes Quilitz was amazing for Pacific Beach Elementary. The students were engaged as Mr. Quilitz kept the interest and energy high throughout the entire program. The students really enjoyed it. This has to be one of the best assemblies we've had here. Mrs. Reime Pacific Beach Elementary Principal Dear Mr. Johannes: Thank you for your excellent artistic impression you made on our Clearwater Neighborhood Family Youth! They were excited as the adults with your artistic abilities! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and look forward to working with you again. Sincerely, Michele Edwards Conference Coordinator Clearwater Neighborhood Family Center 900 N. Martin Luther King Avenue Clearwater, FL 33755 Hi, Johannes, I got distracted and somehow you got away without me thanking you! Thank you for presenting the Jeweled Dragon egg at the Woodinville Library! All ages showed up, and all seemed to enjoy making the eggs. They were all distinctive and wonderful! Art is for everyone! I enjoyed your presentation and hope to have you back again! Bigie Unger Children's Librarian Woodinville Library
Additional Information:

Please contact me if you have any questions:
(727) 771-8243
@drumlifenw (on Facebook)