FreeCycle Action Sports Team, LLC

Basic Information

Address: PO Box 121 Adamstown PA 19501
Phone Number: 610.524.8899
Fax Number: 610.524.0807
Director: Jason Rodriguez

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Focus: To bring a Positive and Educational Assembly to your students
Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-5, 6-8, 9-12
Length: 35-45 Minutes Shows


Pricing: 699.00 - 1499.00
Setup: 30 mins
Takedown: 30 mins
Equipment: We travel with all the equipment needed to put on a First Class Show.
Special Requirements: All show must be on a hard, smooth, level surface. Such as asphalt parking lots, concrete play ground, or a gymnasium. Ramp Show Require: 40'ft by 120'ft Floor Show: 40'ft by 60'ft ( Basketball Court)

With years of experience, dedication, and a love for the sport, FreeCycle Action Sports Team has put together a team and show like no other that can educate, stimulate and catch the eye of everyone watching. With dramatic acts and comical actions that keep the crowd laughing and applauding through out the show.

Mission Statement:

The FreeCycle Action Sports Team is the ultimate at achieving the goal of teaching awareness to children and adults alike! Our goals focus mainly on health, educational importance and action sports safety. With every show performed we excel in achieving these goals. We educate through an action packed show, which involves action sports. These sports have grown in their popularity and are becoming as popular as baseball, football, and basketball. All kids, young and old, have seen or have participated in an action sport. This can be through a new bike or skateboard or by just turning on the television or playing an action sport video game. Unlike other sports, BMX freestyle and skateboarding focuses on doing the impossible. At FreeCycle we motivate one another to do our best. This unity is proven through our shows.

Additional Information:

 We have performed at many schools, and fairs on the East Coast. With each show our fan base grows larger and larger every year. Because of this, we know we have reached our audience. We continue to keep the audiences attention through an array of tricks while promoting health and safety. We don't just roll around and jump over objects; we perform a show where sometimes gasps can be heard through out the crowd! Through the use of high-energy music and a great announcer the audience is constantly entertained. Our messages are seen and absorbed, and are remembered long after the show has concluded!

 Our bikers and skateboarders are among the top professionals in the world. They serve as role models to ensure that the positive messages are delivered. Our athletes practice what they preach and live healthy lives and have finished their academic careers. While performing, they demonstrate visually the importance of sports safety through the use of helmets and padding. We are firm believers that teaching through example is the best way to deliver our messages of action sports safety to those at our events and continue to be one of our most important contributions.