Kelly Nickel Bucket Filling School Assembly Programs

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Basic Information

Address: California: PO Box 493575 Redding CA 96049 Michigan: PO Box 2722 Howell MI 48843
Phone Number: 530-941-5207
Fax Number: na
Director: Kelly Nickel, M. Ed

Action Shots

Kelly Nickel Bucket Filling School Assembly Programs
Kelly Nickel Bucket Filling School Assembly Programs
Kelly Nickel Bucket Filling School Assembly Programs

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Additional Information

Focus: Student assemblies, enrichment workshops, parent workshops, educator workshops supporting Bucket Filling, Character Education, PBiS, Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)
Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-5, 6-8
Length: Student assemblies 40-45 min, Student enrichment workshops 25-30 min, Parent workshops 45-min, Educator workshops 1-4 hours

Frequent national tours to states West of Mississippi River

Pricing: $400-$750 plus travel

Student enrichment workshops, Parent morning workshops, staff in-service, conference workshops

Residencies: na
Setup: minimal
Takedown: minimal
Equiptment: School’s sound system, projector/screen for workshops
Special Requirements: none

Kelly applies his 20 years of teaching experience, his ability to engage and entertain children and adults, and his mastery of effective instructional practices to bring to life Donald Clifton's metaphor of being a Bucketfiller when we think, speak, and act. Children and adults easily grasp how the simple binary choice of "filling" versus "dipping" in someone's bucket will affect themselves and others in either positive or negative ways. They see how easy it can be to master the technique for activating their "lid of resilience." They see and understand what Bucketfilling looks like, sounds like, and feels like. They learn the difference between big things and small things and how to handle each. They come away inspired to practice a positive mindset in everyday situations while navigating daily reality in a world full of humans. They really do get it.

Mission Statement:

Full is the Goal! We feel so Welcome! Kindness is Simple: Fill more, Dip less, Use your lid.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

A true education scientist at heart, Kelly’s professional passion is designing and delivering student-centered learning experiences that produce real, measurable outcomes. Plus he is super funny, energetic and animated, and the kids absolutely love him.

Program History:

Our founder, Merrill H. Lundgren, was the first person ever to teach Donald Clifton’s “bucketfilling” metaphor to children in a school setting back in 2003. His work has inspired the creation of multiple children’s books about bucket filling, as well as songs, plays, and a massive collection of free resources for teachers and parents.

Testimonials: “Kelly, I heard so many positive comments from teachers and kids about your assemblies today! I was really impressed with your multi-sensory approach, you had the kids singing, moving, and you provided great visuals and stories to help them learn the concepts. My favorite part was all of the laughing, the kids really loved it!” – Samantha Holsather, Counselor, Apollo Elementary School, Renton, WA “Our bucketfilling day with Kelly Nickel was an overwhelming success. Kelly’s visit enabled our school to re-embrace the reasons why building positive relationships is so important. The highlight of the day for me was the parent workshop held after school. Kelly did a terrific job of equipping approximately 40 Pinewood parents with the language and tools necessary to bring the bucketfilling message into the homes of our families. Thank you Kelly!” – Brent Malicote, Principal, Pinewood Elementary School, Pollock Pines, CA "Hi Kelly, my daughters go to Redding School of the Arts and my 7 year old has been talking about bucket filling ever since your assembly yesterday. You made a very good impression on the kids, and they are continually talking about and processing your message, a sign of true learning. Thank you for taking your time to present to the school, and for doing such a fantastic job. Have a great evening!" - Sheri Wiggins, parent at Redding School of the Arts, Redding, CA "Hi Kelly, we loved what you shared with us and were so GRATEFUL to have another fun voice sharing the important life messages you delivered. We also got great feedback from teachers! We hope we'll see you back "in these here parts" again some time soon!” – Shannon Gubser, Counselor, Lackamas Elementary School, Yelm, WA “Kelly, I just wanted to tell you how awesome the assemblies were. Our students were engaged, having fun, yet learning a valuable lesson all at the same time. Our staff enjoyed themselves too! I appreciate all that you do to bring this simple yet effective message to life.”– Wynde Barz, Counselor, Emperor Elementary School, Temple City, CA “Kelly, you had such a profound impact at Rother School. Students took away the important message that they effect the lives of others in positive or negative ways. It is common to overhear children advising each other on how to be bucketfillers throughout the campus. Thank you again Kelly, you were amazing!”– Kelly Rizzi, Principal, Rother Elementary School, Redding, CA