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Address: P.O. Box 3997, Covington, LA 70434
Phone Number: 9857893423
Director: Michael Artell

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Additional Information

Grade Levels: K-5, 6-8
Length: 50 minutes

Nationally, internationally

Pricing: $1500 plus travel, lodging and meals

In addition to school visits where I share my books (science info, sports bios, jokes/tongue twisters, cartooning, chapter books, picture books), I also do teacher PD workshops. Most popular workshop is REACHING THE RELUCTANT WRITER.

Residencies: Author/illustrator in residence - I've personally helped more than 4,000 K-6 kids write and illustrate their own original picture books. This is a week-long residency
Setup: 20 minutes
Takedown: 10 minutes
Equipment: I bring my own Windows laptop and graphics drawing tablet. Kids need three sheets of paper and a pencil (they'll be drawing with me). Schoo must provide LCD projector or similiar PowerPoint-style setup (smartboard, etc.). Also need the school to provide a microphone and large screen. I send a checklist in advance to help the school prepare for my visit.
Special Requirements: None. I'm easy to work with. No special requirements, I'm not a picky eater, I go with the flow if there are hiccups in the school day which affect my presentation. I've been doing this for 25+ years. I'm low maintenance.

How much is this going to cost?
The short answer is $1500 plus travel (from New Orleans), lodging and meal expenses. Tight budget? Mike suggests that two nearby schools "partner" and split the day (and the expenses). Mike usually does three presentations per day - so that would mean one school would have Mike for two presentations and the other school would have Mike for one presentation. If you have a special situation or concerns, please let Mike know.

What age groups?
Mike typically visits PreK - 5 or PreK - 6 schools however it's not uncommon for Mike to speak to groups of Jr. High or even High School students.

What does Mike do during his presentations?
Mike starts with a PowerPoint presentation showing pics of himself, his family and where he's from. Next, he shows cool images from his non-fiction science books and he challenges the kids with some wordplay from his joke, riddle, tongue twister books. Mike also reads from one or more of his Cajun books using his authentic Cajun accent. Depending on the group, Mike might engage the kids in some interactive "brain games" or explain the different kinds of writing he does (fiction, non-fiction, biographies, advertising copyrighting, greeting cards, etc.).

The highlight of Mike's presentation is always the step-by-step cartooning instructions. Mike shows every student (and teacher) how to create great little cartoons and how cartoons can help improve reading, writing and thinking skills. EVERYONE DRAWS ALONG - little kids, big kids and teachers too.

Finally (if time permits), Mike will close with a Q&A and some music. Mike has been playing music professionally since he was a teenager and he loves to get the kids singing. He might even get someone from the audience to dance with him...

Will Mike have books available for sale and autographing?
That's up to you. It's not necessary, but if you want to have books available, you can order books directly from Mike, from a local bookseller or from the publishers. If you order directly from Mike, he'll send you 5 - 8 sample books and an order form. You can display the books in your library and then take orders for the books and collect the money. When all the orders are in, you email the name of the child/adult ordering the books, the titles being ordered and the name of the child's teacher. Mike will autograph EVERY book and personalize the book with the child's name (or whatever name is specified on the order form). Mike will also draw a small cartoon in each book. When all the books are signed, Mike will ship them to you in advance of his visit. Sorry, no discounts, but you may keep the sample books as Mike's gift. You can mail a check to Mike for the books or you can give Mike a check when he arrives at your school. Questions? Concerns? Email Mike at mike@mikeartell.com for more info.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: MIKE'S THOUGHTS ON REACHING RELUCTANT WRITERS "Good writing is the result of good thinking. It doesn't happen accidentally. The main reason why so many kids are reluctant writers is because they are overwhelmed by the process. The way to address this is to have them write a lot...but to write things that are short, fun and relevant. And for your visual thinkers, it's important to tie-in the visuals - because a large portion of their thinking is done in pictures."
Program History:

More than 1,000 school visits in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Testimonials: Google my name. Plenty there.
Additional Information:

Tons of info about me on Google and YouTube. Just search on, "Mike Artell."