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Address: 4404 Poplar Leaf
Phone Number: (815) 529-7260

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Focus: High school students
Grade Levels: 9-12
Length: 40 minutes of intensity, fun, energy, and passion!

I travel from Chicago, Illinois

Pricing: $1,000
Setup: 1 hour
Takedown: 1 hour
Equipment: Sound system
Special Requirements: All the students must be on one side of the room. This helps with keeping them engaged. There must also be a powerful sound system.
Mission Statement:

To lead students to the wild river of experiencing God.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: I am a student from Moody Bible Institute and I hold to their standards of belief. If you would like to learn about Moody, please visit: www.moody.edu
Program History:

I have been speaking for over 7 years and have traveled all over the united states speaking to hundreds of teens at camps, retreats, schools, colleges, and events.

Testimonials: Josh Bond: Idk what it is about you. I've heard tons of speakers and have never listened but you, you just got through and inspired a change in my life. Thanks mike. Thank you so much. Jack Thomas: i dont know what it is but every time you talk and spread the word of God you move me and i just want to thank you so much you have a huge impack on my life God bless September 18, 2011 Megan Farmer Hey Mike...you may not remember me but i was a camper at Clara Spings this summer. Im not sure why but i just had a feeling i needed to share this with you. That week at Clara Springs was a tuning point in my life. I was saved when i was 10 and always tryed to do the right things and stuff, but i never had that real relatioinship. God spoke through you that week and it shook me to the core. I saw how passionate you were and it made me see how lacking my faith was. That night you made us write a letter i made a promise to God and myself that i would no longer live for Megan but him. I started seeking God and forgot about my selfish desires. It has made all the difference in my life...i am ten times happier. I didnt turn that letter in that night but i kept it and it stays in my bible. I happened to read it earlier and couldnt help but cry. I have grown so much since then its unreal, God is sooooo good. At the end of my letter i told god i wanted him to use my talents that i always seem to neglect, which is playing the piano and singing. I always get nervous when i perform so i just stopped playin at church, but God had other plans. He gave the me the words and music to a song...i jotted it down and a couple sundays later sang and played it at church. It literally made some grown men cry lol but i nver told anyone i wrote that song because its not mine at all but GOD's. I know thats just the beginning God is working in my life and im completely surrendering to his will. Whats even better is other people are seeing the change in my life, the other day my mom asked when i had become so close to God...my immediate response was Clara Springs. I had an encounter that has completely changed my life. Sorry for writing you a whole story lol but i could talk about this stuff all day. God has given you an awesome talent for relating to us kids, and he is going to use you in some incredible ways! : ) I don't say very much on here because i just don't have time but I have enjoyed reading comments from the people I love. The Lord is so gracious to us. I had the privilege of seeing the Holy Spirit at work through the ministry of a young man Mike Bell. We had an awesome time at camp this week. The Lord worked in not only my heart but in the hearts of about 140 teens. Let me tell you... If you have the opportunity to see or hear Mike Bell you better go. I am not tooting Mikes horn but I am simply stating that it is Holy Spirit that is working through him and you will miss a great opportunity to see the Spirit at work in not only your life but the life of those around you. Please Remember Jesus is the LIGHT and the LIGHT always reveals darkness (sin) in your life. If you do not think that you are really that bad, you are too far away from the LIGHT of this world. Need a speeker for your teens? Get Mike Bell Contact Info: www.facebook.com/michaeldavidbell Love Thomas and Pam Willingham But honestly mike I've heard a bunch of different young preachers at camp and at other things, but none of them have ever been as passionate with what th ey do as you are! They were good but man you were awesome! Please keep it up because I know you will touch lives with what God has to say through you! Mike! Man, we were so stinkin blessed to have you in Marshall and to hear what the Lord layed on your heart to speak. You rocked it. And seeing your heart and passion fro Christ was so inspiring. For real. You have no idea how much you’ve blessed all of us. Even in the times of hanging out and getting to know you. You’re incredible Mike. And solely because of the beautiful Jesus inside of you. So please keep shining Him. Thank you again. And please come back and visit us in Texas. Love, ETBU Release Mike’s passion for God and His people are clearly manifested in his ministry to the church. Our people were challenged to grow closer to God through his relevant preaching, and brought into God’s presence through his worship leading. Pastor Tracy McConnell, New Life Bible Church When it comes down to it all, i would most definitely have to say that mike bell is the best guy to have around high schoolers. he understands us, knows how to relate to us in just the right angle that it pushes us further. it makes us all want more of life, he makes us believe in ourselves. me and my friends have had many conversations about mike, and there has not one bad thing said about him. he is an amazing guy to be with. he brings the best out of people and makes the whole room smile with his. ~Anna Lentz HANNAH COUCH Mike finds a way to take a story or book of the Bible, that we as christians have heard numerous times, and pulls a new perspective out of it. He presents it in such a way that it sticks with you. His perspective makes you think and challenges everything you have learned previously. Dear Jeff and Kurt, I just wanted to let you know what an impact Spiritual Emphasis Week had on our kids, especially Mikayla. Mikayla really connected with Mike Bell. She was encouraged and challenged in her faith. She seemed to grow up a lot last week. The two areas she seemed most impacted in were in worship and service. She said the day Mike led worship was great. It was not a performance and was a time to "bless God." After that chapel was over she said she didn't want to leave that moment. She said she sat quietly through lunch not wanting the feeling of closeness to God to end. She was also challenged by Mike in the area of serving. We have seen her offer to do household tasks without being asked. Her attitude about serving has been good, too. This is a big step of maturity for her. I asked her what's changed and she said Mike Bell challenged them to serve and do something with their lives that would bless God and make Him smile. Serving others was actually something I had been praying about for her and God moved her forward in this area a good deal last week. Overall, we have seen Mikayla thrive spiritually this year at Westlake. She even said last week, "I am a lot closer to God this year than last year." We see that to be true. Thanks for planning good chapels and thank you for all your input in our children's lives. Please thank Mike Bell for his service and let him know what an impact he made in the lives of students. Blessings, Diane Henke
Additional Information:

 My guarntee is to provide EXCELLENT service or you dont have to pay anything. I will gladly cover all fees if I did not meet your expectations.