A New Spin on Learning Yoyo Show

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Basic Information

Address: White Lake, MI
Phone Number: (248) 716-5096
Director: Steven Konet

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A New Spin on Learning Yoyo Show
A New Spin on Learning Yoyo Show
A New Spin on Learning Yoyo Show
A New Spin on Learning Yoyo Show

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Additional Information

Focus: Teaching Growth Mindset
Grade Levels: K-5, 6-8
Length: 30-45 minutes

Determinded upon case by case

Pricing: Free with yoyo sales or $650 per show, discounts for multiple shows same venue

Available to schools that are interested.

Setup: 15 minutes
Takedown: 15 minutes
Equipment: We bring and carry all our own equipment
Special Requirements: None.

The show uses the yoyo as an object lesson to help students develop a growth mindset. When trying something new, mistakes are normal. They don't tell us what we can't do - only what we can't do YET. When we refuse to give up easily, and practice with grit, success is closer than we think.

The show encourages students to have a positive perspective about their own ability to learn. Making use of various audio/visual elements, the show will engage the audience on many fronts, creating an entertaining learning experience for all.

See website for additional details.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: Put in the effort. Practice Specifically. Don't be afraid to make mistakes.
Testimonials: Our students loved watching YoYoTricks as they learned about the power of “yet” through stories and yoyo tricks. I would recommend this assembly to schools who are trying to teach students about growth mindset. They were entertaining, professional, and delivered a clear message - Bennie Elementary They have a great rapport with the audience! The assembly was very good. The students were very engaged and enjoyed the show. The message is very relevant at this time in education. A positive mindset is so important - Spencer Elementary My son was initially frustrated with his yoyo and said, “I can’t do it!” Totally unprompted, he said, “Wait! I can’t do it YET!” and he kept trying - Spencer Elementary They’re super good! - Overheard from a first grader at Novi Woods Elementary