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Address: 5272 Thorn Tree Lane Irvine, CA 92612
Phone Number: (800) 760-6089 • (949) 510-1070
Director: Wayne & Karen Brown

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The Ocean Adventure
The Ocean Adventure
The Ocean Adventure
The Ocean Adventure

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Additional Information

Focus: Marine Science
Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-5, 6-8
Length: 45-60 min.

Nationally. Each school year we do two national tours in the Fall and Spring.

Pricing: No travel fee if you schedule during our national tours. Contact us for pricing.
Setup: 45 min.
Takedown: 30 min.
Special Requirements: Large screen, (2) display tables, PA system, (2) extension cords, darkened room

The Ocean Adventure is a series of live, multi-media school assemblies, by the husband and wife, marine biologist/SCUBA instructor/underwater photography dive team, Wayne and Karen Brown.

Like a field trip that comes to you! High-energy, fast-paced, multimedia programs that combine actual specimens, biological models, unique props, costumes, creative dramatics, storytelling techniques, high-tech SCUBA diving equipment, audience participation, and breathtaking underwater photography/videography.

Each program includes a free elementary or junior high Teacher's Guide containing NEXT GEN STANDARDS hands-on activities.

The Antarctica Penguins Expedition: (Topic: Antarctica & Penguins)
Join us on our 2018 & 2019 expeditions to visit the White Continent -- Antarctica, on our search for the amazing flightless ocean birds -- Penguins! Meet our life-sized, 3 1/2-foot long, King Penguin!

• The Norway Polar Bear Expedition: (Topic: Arctic & Polar Bears)
Join us on our 2015 & 2016 expeditions to visit the frigid home of Disney's Frozenon our search for the largest bear on the planet -- the Polar Bear! Explore the Arctic Ocean ecosystem and meet animals that are able to survive in this harsh environment. See our life-sized, Polar Bear cubs and Polar Bear skull!

• The Australia Great White Shark Expedition: (Topic: Sharks)
Come face-to-face with a 15 foot long, 3,000 pound great white shark! Find out the facts versus the fantasies as we study great white sharks in South Australia. See our HUGE jaws from a 20-foot Great White Shark!

• The Australia Great Barrier Reef Expedition: (Topic: Coral Reefs)
Visit the largest living organism on earth and the home of Nemo (from the hit Pixar movie Finding Nemo)...Australia's Great Barrier Reef! Witness corals giving birth. Meet Nemo's friends that call the Great Barrier Reef home, from the docile to the dangerous. See our life-sized, coral reef!

• The Belize Whale Shark Expedition: (Topic: Sharks)
Learn about Dory's best friend from the hit Disney/Pixar movie, Finding Dory, when you join us on our Central American expedition to search for and document the largest shark on the planet -- the Whale Shark! Join us along the longest coral reef in the Northern Hemisphere as we dive with whale sharks, bull sharks, manatees and dolphins! See our HUGE jaws from a 20-foot Whale Shark!

• The Crystal River Florida Manatee Expedition: (Topic: Manatees)
Get nose-to-nose with a 10-foot long, 2,000 pound Flordia manatee! Learn how these animals are adapted to their environment, why they are endangered and what you can do to help prevent their extinction. See our life-sized, Florida manatee skull!

• The Silver Bank Humpback Whale Expedition: (Topic: Whales)
Meet a 20-foot long, baby humpback whale! Join us on our 2016 expedition to the world's largest humpback whale breeding grounds...the Silver Bank, near the Caribbean Sea. Meet our life-sized, 20-foot long, baby Humpback Whale!

• The Island of the Blue Dolphins Expedition: (Topic: Kelp Forests)
Visit the island from the book, The Island of the Blue Dolphins. Tour underwater around the island and meet the marine inhabitants. Learn why the kelp forests around this island are an important natural resource.

• The Caribbean Sea Expedition: (Topic: Animal Adaptations)
Visit the island from the book, The Cay. Investigate a colorful Caribbean reef fish community. See the humorous and interesting tricks fish use in the underwater game of survival. Come face-to-face with sharks and moray eels.

Mission Statement:

The Ocean Adventure brings the excitement, beauty, and wonder of undersea exploration to audiences of all ages. Undersea explorers, Wayne and Karen Brown, bring their exciting, real-life adventures to you with fast-paced and entertaining multimedia presentations. Using unique props, specimens, breathtaking photography, storytelling techniques, and audience participation, each presentation allows our audiences to experience our actual expeditions exploring fascinating and beautiful marine environments around the world. Exciting face-to-face encounters with "dangerous" marine animals dispel their myths. Discover the riches of the oceans and gain a better appreciation for the survival of life on Earth, the "Water Planet".

Philosophy/Belief Statement: All students should have an ocean literacy to understand why oceans and their inhabitants are essential for life on earth. This knowledge inevitably leads to a desire to protect and conserve our ocean resources.
Program History:

Wayne & Karen Brown:
A knowledgeable, articulate and enthusiastic husband and wife team with over 30 years of experience as naturalists, marine conservationists, expedition leaders, diving educators, resort operators and award-winning photographers. Their diving expeditions have taken them around the world studying and documenting the marine environment and the creatures that inhabit the ocean realm, from the frozen Arctic Ocean to the steaming tropics of the South Pacific and encountering animals from the most innocuous to the most dangerous.

As a marine biologist Wayne started The Ocean Adventure presentations to bring the ocean to young audiences in school classrooms by reliving his actual underwater expeditions. Karen joined Wayne to expand the scope of The Ocean Adventure and present the female perspective to underwater exploration and discovery.

In over 25 years of speaking to venues from coast-to-coast ranging from the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. to a tiny one-room library in the hills of Missouri Wayne and Karen have spoken to over 4 million children and adults!

Testimonials: "In the presentation you teach students so much that our books and experience can't...I've enjoyed all the years you've presented. I look forward to many years of dives and adventures' with you!" Cindy Beebe, Village Meadows School, Phoenix, AZ
Additional Information:

Instructional Materials Included: Teacher's Guide and Student Workbook

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VIRTUAL LEARNING AVAILABLE: All of our programs are available online live or pre-recorded.