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Address: 11615 Forest Central Drive, Suite 206, Dallas TX 75243
Phone Number: 214-750-1492
Director: Grover Wilkins III

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Orchestra of New Spain
Orchestra of New Spain
Orchestra of New Spain
Orchestra of New Spain

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Additional Information

Focus: Performance of the musical repertory of the Spanish 17th and 18th centuries, and exploring the Hispanic heritage of which it is a part.
Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-5, 6-8, 9-12
Length: Programs run 45 mins to 90 mins

Programs visit Dallas ISD schools, and can expand within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex

Pricing: Varies by Program

Introduction to Spanish music via Baroque opera, Spanish theater, and flamenco dance.

Residencies: Availability for in-school visits: private music lessons, dance classes (Dallas ISD Touch Points)
Setup: 30 mins to 1 hour, depending on program
Takedown: 30 mins to 1 hour, depending on program
Equipment: We will provide our own instruments/costumes/set, depending on the program. We may require music stands, chairs, and/or a microphone.
Special Requirements: Programs will require an indoor performance space (e.g. gym, cafeteria)

In 2011, ONS was asked to create a week-long Summer Strings Camp, at which students receive 30 hours of orchestral and sectional rehearsals, theory, and musicianship. By 2013, the Orchestra developed an In-School Lesson program with the support of the Dallas ISD Fine Arts Program which provides weekly private and small group lessons in 20-30 minute sessions given by our professionals in participating schools.

The orchestra extends its reach to thousands of Dallas ISD students each year by providing an opportunity to attend 45-minute student performances of our annual productions for free in the Moody Performance Hall. These performances include translated/projected lyrics in combination with accompanying informative booklets and commentary from the Maestro to guide young audiences through the storylines.

Mission Statement:

Introduction in concert of the neglected repertory of the Spanish 17th and 18th centuries, and exploration of the Hispanic heritage of which it is a part; educating the public on the importance of the repertory and its broader cultural implications.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: Our educational programs are based on the belief that everyone deserves equal access to a full, vibrant creative life, a cornerstone of a healthy and democratic society.
Program History:

Since 1996, ONS has impacted local arts education through its youth initiatives in conjunction with Dallas ISD. Through this unique ongoing partnership, we are able to offer unique musical opportunities and engaging arts experiences to schools that lack access otherwise.

Testimonials: Thank you so much for offering the summer music program to our students in the Dallas ISD! I received many positive comments and emails from parents following our camp and I just wanted to say thank you again! In four days of teaching and learning I was able to see many students grow both musically and socially. Since the Orchestra of New Spain offers orchestra/music education to DISD students in a non-competitive environment, many of our students who would otherwise stay home have been given the opportunity to grow. None of this would have been possible without the ONS staff and their commitment to education!
In a very short amount of time, each of the students was afforded the opportunity to develop a greater sense of ownership (and responsibility) for how [their] music- making contributes to the world around them. The daily recitals by the Orchestra of New Spain staff were an excellent feature showcasing the musical talent of your professional
staff. As the camp students were exposed to the challenging music of great composers in these daily recitals, they were able to explore concert etiquette as well as “stretch” their own “informed opinions” as to their own musical taste. (Wow-as an orchestra director that means so much!) Though often quiet and thoughtful, these captivated audience members (students) responded positively and, over the course of four days, became astute concert goers and performers.

The ONS staff was professional on and off stage as they modeled what they taught in sectionals, music appreciation classes, stage performances, lessons and at all “in between” times during the camp. It is obvious that the chief aim of the ONS is the student first and music second. This was evident to me in the way the students were received and encouraged in the camp regardless of ability. Based on my experiences- ONS’ approach to teaching/learning music at camp (especially) provided all students regardless of ability with a non-judgmental openness- driven by a “come as you are” atmosphere- building trust first and followed by developing commitment to music
after. Being a non-competitive group, ONS helps each and every student find their place in a non-threatening manner. As you've probably heard many times before-the students don't care what you know until they know you care. "Care First" seems to be the motto of all at ONS. Thankyou!

You and all of your staff are to be commended for your excellence in prioritizing the student first.
Thank you!
-Nathan Ludford

Hexter Elementary, R.T. Hill Middle School
Additional Information:

2018-2020 - The Orchestra of New Spain has served:

10 DISD orchestra programs with 2200 student lessons taught by our own musicians
12 DISD dance programs involving 600 dance students
500 Summer Strings Camp students
2 student productions of Misa Flamenca and 2 Love Conquers Impossible Love with 2000 students and teachers in attendance