Robert McEntee/School Assembly Magic!

Basic Information

Address: 46 Shady Lane Huntington, NY 11743
Phone Number: 516-672-3957
Director: Robert McEntee

Action Shots

Robert McEntee/School Assembly Magic!
Robert McEntee/School Assembly Magic!
Robert McEntee/School Assembly Magic!
Robert McEntee/School Assembly Magic!

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Additional Information

Focus: Inspiring Education through winder!
Grade Levels: K-5, 6-8, 9-12
Length: 45-60 Mins

NY, NJ, CT, PA Common. Other areas may require block booking for cost effectiveness.

Pricing: $495 base fee

Virtual Workshop

Students learn basic theory & practice of magic and acting used to create illusion. Customized for ages of students. Class uses common household objects (cards, coins, etc.). Ideal for improving hand-eye coordination, presentation and analytical skills.

Available resources to further study introduced. Brief history of magic & relation to culture discussed. Students will learn several fun tricks they can then amaze friends & family with!

There are advantages of virtual shows over in person ones, such as cost. Plus I offer multiple program discounts. Beautiful “close Up” magic is easier to see inches away from one’s device, as opposed to from the back of a large room.

Visit Call or email for more info. This program works great remotely where everyone gets a front row seat for the online class!

Setup: 1 Hour
Takedown: 1 Hour
Equipment: Table and chair
Special Requirements: Someone to show me basic lighting if there is an actual system. I bring a sound system. If facility has one for the room it's good for other announcements and back up.

"How to Easily Trick Your Students Into Learning More Efficiently!"

Dear School Representative,

Imagine effortlessly inspiring students to read more and respect others. You've found school programs that do that and more. Students LOVE and benefit from assembly programs: "Discover the Magic of Reading!", "Take P.R.I.D.E. - A Life Changing Character Education Program!", as well asan incredible No-cost/risk, Family Fundraising Program, "Magic Beyond Imagination!" For theIDEAL Staff Development/Teacher In-Service workshop please consider, "Accelerated Learning in the Classroom!"
Also ask about fun, interactive virtual programs for online school programs.

In addition to the wonderful reading themes, these shows engage students with important positive messages including self-esteem, anti-bullying, safety, basic visualization & goal setting techniques for improved results, along with most customized themes. A particular book theme can be incorporated into the reading program, otherwise I use standard classics for grades attending. Remember, students learn much more effectively through visual presentations, such as these.

Students really relate to the presentations' fun, participatory format, thus ensuring the positive messages are absorbed. I have different versions for all grade levels, and the programs are eligible for various funding such as BOCES in NY, etc. I hope you find the enclosed information helpful in making an outstanding school program choice. I would be happy to answer your questions or provide additional references and/or contact information for previous school program sponsors.

I know you have many choices. I bring you my experience of performing hundreds of school programs over 20 years, and countless others for public & private organizations. I will also put my education from Villanova University and Mystery School, the world's leading magicians' theatrical school, to work for you! Not many competitively priced shows are as elaborate, engaging AND educational as these. Students LOVE magic, therefore completely learn the educational messages.

PTA's make money with my No-Risk Family Fundraiser that can work through a simple 50-50% ticket sale split! Your school will love the musical grand finale often including spectacular special effects! You can also choose from incredible illusions such as Floating a Student in the Air with motivational theme, an Incredible Animated Talking Picture (tying into the book, Harold & the Purple Crayon), Sawing a Teacher or Even the Principal "in Half" (as a reading incentive or reward, for example!), or Making them Magically Appear, to get the presentation off to a fantastic start!

Pease visit or call to save your date: 516-672-3957. Thanks, I look forward to talking with you!

Yours for Amazing School Programs,

Robert McEntee

Mission Statement:

"Impossible" is spelled "I'm possible"

Part of my message is that self fulfillment requires achieving one's dream. I demonstrate how that's possible through creative magic, audience involvement, age appropriate humor, storytelling and magical games designed to inspire wonder.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: Inspiring education through wonder!
Program History:

My name is Robert McEntee and I am an educational entertainer. I offer customized presentations designed to amaze, amuse and inspire students and teachers. This unique “edutainment” has thrilled audiences in the eastern United States and Canada for over 25 years.

I began studying the art of magic as a child but let people convince me that my dream was impossible. So I graduated from Villanova University and worked as a licensed Professional Engineer while performing on the side. Finally I realized "impossible" is spelled "I'm possible" and left that successful career in 2006 to pursue this calling of performance, education and charity volunteering.

Part of my message is that self fulfillment requires achieving one's dream. Audiences also benefit from my lifelong pursuit of personal development and studies at Mystery School, the most prestigious magicians theatrical training school. My dream is helping students achieve their dreams…

To do this, I present educationally significant and highly entertaining school assembly programs customized for grade levels. I use magic to build enthusiasm for the arts, and encourage reading, character education and accelerated learning.

Your program can also benefit from my great experience my more traditional magic & variety shows are regularly seen at Corporate events, Resorts, Church & Temple programs, Public Libraries, Summer Camps, Parks & Recreation Depts. and various other Children’s and Family events.

Testimonials: See What Just A Few Other Schools Have Said About "School Assembly Magic!" "Take PRIDE! was truly wonderful!! All of the effects were perfect. I loved everything about it. I am sure everyone would have loved it to be longer. Robert was very easy to work with and very accommodating. Thank you for everything. Glad you were able to come to our school." Roseann Schuellain, Washington Street School, Franklin Square, NY "Excellent, fun, educational. They loved the talking picture. They also loved the teachers on stage! Great magic and educational as well; incorporated many areas character ed, geography, reading, listening. Wonderful, the students stayed engaged the entire time!" Mrs. Rohrbacker, Teacher, Laurel Park Elem. School, Brentwood, NY "Robert, Thank you so much for your wonderful presentations. We all really enjoyed both your shows. I am sure you must have heard it in the voices of the students how much they were amazed and excited. You did an outstanding job of incorporating the positive themes in your tricks. The illusions were just superb! I particularly enjoyed the eye movement of 'cartoon man.' It was hilarious to see the reaction of not just the younger grades but the older as well. You did an amazing performance!! Thank you so very, very much." Taira Habib, Greenbrook School PTO North Brunswick, NJ "Your show was very enjoyable. The children's favorites were the talking face, fire illusions, and the audience participation. I would recommend this show to others because it is a good interactive show with the kids, very enthusiastic and emphasized use of imagination to encourage kids to read." Kathleen Kaiser, Huntington Elementary School, Norwich, CT "Thank you so much for the wonderful program! The students were engaged for the ENTIRE hour and many of them were commenting afterwards "This was the coolest assembly EVER!" I actually had a 1st grade student come to me after asking about the Dewey Decimal Number for the magic books! :) Thank you for showing everyone how cool reading can be! " Jennifer Ostrander Music Teacher/Assembly Coordinator Charles Johnson ES, Endicott, NY "Magic Bob related his entire performance to reading and how it will positively affect your entire life! The children had a marvelous time. The teachers thought the program was outstanding. Thank you!" Eva Hallam, teacher, Twin Pines ES, Brentwood, New York
Additional Information:

I have adapted the Reading and Character Education shows to online presentations. There are advantages of virtual shows over in person ones, such as cost. Plus I offer multiple program discounts. Beautiful "close Up" magic is easier to see inches away from one's device, as opposed to from the back of a large room. The sessions are fun and interactive and adpated to the students' grade level.

Visit Call or email for more info. The program works great remotely where everyone gets a front row seat for the online educational fun!