ROCK-ABLE Disability Awareness and Anti-Bullying Virtual School Assembly Program

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Basic Information

Address: 1341 West Liberty Road, Sykesville, MD 21784
Phone Number: 410 549 5707
Fax Number: 410 549-6467
Director: Mona Freedman RN

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Additional Information

Focus: Disabiity Awareness School Assembly Program
Grade Levels: K-5, 6-8, 9-12
Length: 55 minutes

None right now-virtual program/video presentation

Pricing: $499


Residencies: None
Setup: None
Takedown: None
Equipment: Computer for viewing or downloading.
Special Requirements: This video presentation can be viewed individually by students on a private Youtube link at the student's own pace and schedule, or it can be streamed simultaneously through the school's teaching platform as a virtual school assembly.

Jesse will inspire and entertain audiences of all ages! ROCK-ABLE is a Virtual Disability Awareness and Anti-Bullying School Assembly program for elementary, middle and high school audiences, as well as private groups, conferences and corporate gatherings. This one-hour virtual presentation features the motivational story and original rock music of Jesse Magee and his band Leftstronger. Jesse is an amazing singer, drummer and songwriter who is legally blind and has cerebral palsy.

Join Jesse on this amazing journey, sharing his personal disabilities story, overcoming his challenges and leading to a successful career in music. Jesse demonstrates his adapted style of piano and guitar playing, an acoustic guitar performance, a drum solo, his awesome bongo playing, and three full performances of Jesse's original rock music by his band Leftstronger. Inspiring!

ROCK-ABLE will allow students to gain a better understanding of people with developmental disabilities using a real rock performance by LEFTSTRONGER band and a presentation by lead singer & songwriter Jesse Magee. He accomplishes all this and more despite his personal challenges of having multiple disabilities. His talent speaks for itself and nothing will stand in his way of his success and being a role model for others.

Jesse will inspire students, teachers, parents, and administrative staff that children with disabilities can strive to do anything that want to do in life. Jesse is incredibly talented… with over 100 original catchy songs and a 4+ octave vocal range.

Our Pre-Recorded ROCK-ABLE School Program is now available for an amazing low price! Unlimited viewings for 2 years for only $499!

Mission Statement:

Rock-Able strives to increase awareness of disabilities by showing a concrete, living example of a successful musician who has overcome his challenges and adapted to life with multiple disabilities. Within the framework of our presentation, we hope to promote inclusion, acceptance, and inspiration for others who may face their own challenges.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: Since 1998, Caring Communities' efforts have enhanced the quality of life regardless of the nature or severity of the disability and promote inclusion to enjoy full participation in society. The Rock-Able presentation is an effort to reach and influence as many young minds as possible with an inclusive and positive message. Our belief is that messages of inclusion and acceptance are most easily taught when packaged in an engaging format, and by a messenger that resonates with the audience.
Program History:

Originally performed in front of dozens of live audiences, this one-hour virtual presentation is both educational and motivational. Jesse and his band have traveled around the Mid-Atlantic region with Rock-Able to rave reviews, telling his story and performing his original music to audiences of all ages.

This video presentation, produced with professional lighting and sound, is the latest effort by Caring Communities to reach a wider audience with Jesse's message and make it more affordable than ever for schools and other institutions to offer the program to it's audiences.

Join Jesse on this amazing journey, overcoming his personal challenges and leading to a successful career in music. Jesse demonstrates his adapted style of piano and guitar playing, an acoustic guitar performance, a drum solo, his awesome bongo playing, and three full performances of Jesse’s original rock music by his band Leftstronger. Inspiring!

Testimonials: First and foremost, I have always found Jesse to be extremely accommodating! Whenever he was asked to follow a specific request, he has always done so. Jesse’s musical talents are very evident. because of these incredible talents, our students were left with a fantastic impression on Jesse! Factor in his ABILITY to overcome his challenges, and having Jesse perform with his band is a true win/win for you! At our school, North Carroll Community, we constantly stress to our students the importance of never giving up when obstacles arise! Without question, Jesses was an awesome example of this fortitude!!! I have absolutely no doubt, that Jesse will make a great connection with your Students! Scot Lynn, Principal North Carroll Community School STUDENTS/TEACHERS FROM VARIOUS SCHOOLS: “Thank you so, so, so much for visiting us here. You are really inspiring. You really showed me that disabilities don’t mean a thing. From now on, I will do better at not giving up. YOU ROCK. You proved that just because you have disabilities doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams. KEEP ROCKIN!!!!” Student “Thank you for coming and talking to my school. I really liked your story. It was extremely interesting!!” Student “You are a great example of perseverance” Teacher “I‘m glad you came to North Carroll Community School to play your rock music. I have a connection with you. I just started writing music myself. I think it’s amazing the way you over came your disabilities. I love the way you play the guitar and the drums!” Student “It is amazing to see you play the guitar upside down.” Student You are an awesome player. I wish I could play the drums like you!” Student “I want to thank you for coming in and playing your songs. Also, thank you for giving us your time to tell us about your life-long story. I think your singing was beautiful. You are a really good guitarist. My favorite song you played, that you wrote was Reborn. I hope you come back again. Good luck in the future” Student “I think your a great role model. I liked hearing all of your stories. You are a fantastic guitar player and drummer. Your also a great singer. I loved your presentation” Student
Additional Information:

Delivery System

The Rock-Able video presentation can be delvered in several different ways to fit your needs:

• A private Youtube link that you can share with each student or viewer;
• An Mp4 movie file download, to stream through a private network or onscreen in school;
• An Mp4 movie file on a USB flash drive, to feed into your network or local devices;

Very reasonable pricing:

$499.00 one-time fee. License covers one school, for a period of two years, unlimited viewing, unlimited users. No additional fees, no strings. All music is original and copywrited by Jesse and his publishing company Westmonster Music.

What makes Jesse's school assemblies different from other presentations?

Jesse loves speaking to children. He gets to do what he loves by teaching students a life lesson and your students enjoy a real rock band. This is so much better and different than a magic show, story teller or other typical assembly program. You can be confident students will remember more than the music, they'll remember Jesse's story. We offer a very low pricing, our full technical support and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.