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Basic Information

Address: 42 Mercer Dr Newark DE 19713
Phone Number: 800 672-7274
Director: John Hadfield

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Science is Everywhere!
Science is Everywhere!
Science is Everywhere!
Science is Everywhere!

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Additional Information

Focus: Science is fun and all around us.
Grade Levels: K-5
Length: 45 Min.

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Pricing: $495 for one, $695 for 2 back to back


Residencies: N/A
Setup: 90 minutes
Takedown: 60 minutes
Equiptment: All equipment is supplied by Science is Everywhere
Special Requirements: no special requirements

Science is Everywhere is a unique, visual presentation of science - using comedy, music, balancing, magic and juggling to prove that science is indeed everywhere. With international performer John Hadfield as "the Professor," this wacky and educational program will reinforce the notion that science is fun and is all around us. Topics covered are gravity, the brain, the senses, stories of several inspiring scientists, accidental inventions, astronomy and electricity - presented in a way that kids from ages 5 to 12 will understand and remember.

Mission Statement:

The mission of this program is for students to develop an interest in science at an early age and realize that there is science in everything we do and see. Science is not just in the classroom - but also on the playground, in your car, in the kitchen, and in the grocery store. Science is Everywhere!

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We believe that students are motivated to learn when they are having fun, and they remember songs about the brain, stories about inventions, gravity in action (with juggling), and how illusions effect their thoughts, and above all the mantra that by taking a chance and trying a little harder they can do anything.

Program History:

Science is Everywhere has been performed at The Franklin Institute, The Philadelphia International Children's Festival, Saturday Morning at The National Theater, The Grand Opera House, and World Cafe Live Children's Series.
John Hadfield is an award-winning musician and former circus performer who graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Russian language, worked for the White House Communications Agency (where he worked and traveled with the President), and then chose to do graduate studies at the Ringling Bros. Clown College. He has won 5 Children's Music Web Awards, and performed at Disneyland, The White House, The National Theater, the World Cafe Live, the Royal Lichtenstein Circus, the Philadelphia International Children's Festival, the China International Children's Festival, and Magic Land in Bangkok, Thailand.

Testimonials: "So often, an assembly program has no real application to anything which is being studied in school and is designed merely as an entertainment piece. Your program, however, was a combination of solid entertainment, encompassing humor, music, magic and juggling combined with a great deal of science information. By focusing on heroes in the sciences, you gave our students an awareness of what they can accomplish by just reaching a bit farther and trying just a bit harder. I especially appreciated your emphasis on creativity and imagination, since as children get older, they seem to lose these wonderful traits." Beverly Breniser - Principal Leola Elementary School, Leola, PA "For us adults, it was a real treat to see science combined with fun using circus arts. Now when students study gravity and friction in their science classes, they'll have memories of the floating hat and the Rice Krispies that really pop up!!, not to mention all of the other aspects of science your show demonstrated." Lana Dreyfuss - Cultural Arts Chairperson Oakland Terrace Elementary School PTA Silver Spring, MD "What a terrific science show! Our capacity audience of approximately 200 children was thoroughly informed as well as entertained by the selection of scientific material and the humorous way in which you presented it. As one young spectator commented, 'he's cool'." Virginia Christian - Children's Librarian The Pottstown Public Library
Additional Information:

Science is everywhere has been performed at thousands of schools and libraries throughout the Mid Atlantic region. Check out the website - for more information, photos and videos. Science is Everywhere is not a franchise - so when you call or email, you talk to the owner / performer - John Hadfield