Slapstick Science

Basic Information

Address: 299 Western Ave Brattleboro, VT 05301
Phone Number: (802) 558-7959
Director: Ted Lawrence

Action Shots

Slapstick Science
Slapstick Science
Slapstick Science
Slapstick Science

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Additional Information

Focus: Physical Chemistry and FUN
Grade Levels: K-5, 6-8
Length: 60 - 75 minutes

anywhere within the gravittional field of the earth

Pricing: $1295 for two shows back-to-back + travel if more than 100m
Setup: 90 minutes
Takedown: 60 minutes
Equipment: Self-sufficient
Special Requirements: depends on show; sometimes a 14-foot ceiling, no carpet on floors

SLAPSTICK SCIENCE is an exciting series of science spectaculars using the circus as a laboratory to present and promote STEM and STEAM programming in elementary and middle schools. Assemblies are written and presented by certified science teacher and former Ringling Brothers clown, Ted Lawrence, as whacky whimsical Dr. Quinton Quark. Dr. Quark has great fun doing thrilling educational demonstrations that teach Chemistry and Physics to K-6 students (NOT Pre-K). Programs emphasize fun and audience participation and come with study guides. Kids will laugh as they learn. We offer 3 Physics lectures and 2 Chemistry shows:

SIMPLE MACHINES shows kids that with physics they can do anything, i.e. throw a BozoBop doll to the ceiling of the gym without ever touching it, or lifting a half-ton singlehandedly.

THE NOTION OF MOTION teaches the Laws of Motion and concludes by quizzing the audience as to how each of Newton's Laws is demonstrated by Dr. Quark discharging a fire extinguisher while wearing roller blades.

FLIGHT teaches kids the physics of flight and concludes with a life-sized Dr. Quark dummy actually flying across the Gym (this show MUST take place in a Gym).

KIDDIE CHEM offers K - 3rd graders an introduction to solids, liquids, and gases.

COMBUSTION is a chemistry lecture on fire safety for 4-8th that picks up where "Stop, Drop, & Roll" leaves off; it concludes with a quiz on fire eating.

Guaranteed to excite curiosities and motivate even the most science-phobic students (and teachers) to enjoy science.

Mission Statement:

To reignite our youths interest in REAL SCIENCE. Using humor and character and spectacular demonstrations, we get kids (and teachers) excited about learning science.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: If your students don't learn more during our assembly than they would have in class, we didn't deserve to be there. And if they didn't see something they'll never forget, we failed to achieve our goal.
Program History:

Slapstick Science was created in 1992 as a grassroots campaign to get kids excited about learning science. "Combustion - the Fire Safety Show" was written in 1988, but wasn't produced as a mobile assembly program until 1992. "Much Work with Little Effort" was on the road in 1993 and "Notion of Motion" was launched in 1996. "Flight" was first done in public in 2002 and was the only show toured by Slapstick Science for 2003/2004 (the centennial of the First Flight) so it was seen in nearly 200 schools during it's opening run.

Testimonials: "Slapstick Science offers the MOST educational assembles anywhere." Andy Hills - Principal, Arongen School, 2018 "Dr. Quark is the only performer whose shows I remember 20 years later... and I've seen lots of assemblies." -Ken Frattini, principal, Harthorn School, December 2019 "Teaching Physics is a challenge. Holding the attention of 60 Primary School Students for an hour and a half is a bigger challenge. I’ve rarely seen as skilled a teacher as Dr. Quirk and he made both look easy. He had us all hanging on every word, wondering what could possibly be next. " - Richard Dow, Northwest Primary School, 2009