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Basic Information

Address: Floral City, FL.
Phone Number: 3523550347
Director: Mark Lukas

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Soccer Collies

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Additional Information

Focus: Serving others, saving lives
Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-5
Length: 45 minutes


Pricing: Varies
Setup: 20 minutes
Takedown: 20 minutes
Equipment: Dog Soccer Field, P.A. System
Special Requirements: Power, water, shade or indoors on carpeting with a/c

Participants form a circle around a very soft-ball and three highly skilled soccer dogs. When the dogs push the ball out of the circle, then the dogs have scored a goal. The dogs score a lot of goals which brings a lot of smiles and laughter to every event where Dog Soccer Games are played.

There are four Soccer Collies who are Border Collies one is a puppy in training who was born on 6/16/19. We also bring a Toy Poodle who walks on a huge ball and schmoozes with everyone who loves dogs.

We could play Dog Soccer Games with small groups of 20 to 50 people on a 12 x 12 field or groups of 50 to 500 surrounding a 24-foot diameter circular field.

The kids have fun even if the dogs always win! However, it's a win-win because the kids learn that there are many ball motivated dogs in the rescue system looking for someone that will play ball with them.

Mission Statement:

We help ball motivated rescue dogs to find a soccer-loving home.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: I've always believed that I could do anything I set out to accomplish. Thank God we live in a Country where entrepreneurial spirits can prosper.
Program History:

Ms.Z was born on 4/20/04, she was rescued and adopted in July of 04. Within a few hours, she was trained to bring a ball without picking it up in her mouth. She was the first Soccer Collie, now there are three adults and one puppy in training. They have been playing the game of Dog Soccer for many years at public and private events.