Tim Hartman

Basic Information

Address: 7202 Perrysville Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15202
Phone Number: 4127345111
Director: Tim Hartman

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Tim Hartman
Tim Hartman
Tim Hartman
Tim Hartman

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Additional Information

Grade Levels: K-5, 6-8
Length: 45 minutes

Will travel wherever I'm asked

Pricing: $400.00 for the first performance, and $250.00 for each subsequent performance in the same space, on the same day.

I offer workshops on storytelling and writing.

Setup: 30 minutes is all the time I need for setup.
Takedown: 10 minutes is the average time for takedown.
Equipment: No equipment is necessary from the school. I bring everything I need with me. (Though a bottle of water will be greatly appreciated.)
Special Requirements: I don't think storytelling works best with an audience above the 350 number, so multiple assemblies are usually required.

Over a million kids can't be wrong! More than 2.5 million children, over a 35 year period, have been entertained and educated by the assembly programs of Tim Hartman!

Mission Statement:

My goal in every assembly is to provide as much fun as humanly possible, while making sure the children are taught some beneficial life lesson. I promise your children will have a wonderful time, but will also learn something of value.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: All of my stories are infused with the values of kindness, generosity and self improvement. None of that can happen if the children don't have the most fun ever! That's what I bring to the table; Laughter and great life lessons.
Program History:

I have been storytelling all over the Country for 35 years. Thirty of those years were spent as the lead storyteller for the Pittsburgh Children's Museum.

Testimonials: "After teaching for 14 years, and hundreds of school programs, you are truly the best I have ever seen. Our students and staff loved every second of your visit. I was so happy to see how engaged and entertained my whole class was, including several of our autistic students. To see them laugh to the point of tears and grabbing their stomachs from laughing so hard, and then being fully engaged and attentive during the educational, character building parts of your performance was just amazing for me to see. I wish every child could experience your performance." ~ Crystal Valancius, teacher at Muse Elementary School "When Tim came to our elementary school in Fairfax County Virginia he kept everyone laughing while teaching how to write a better story. The kids kept on asking when he could come back!"-Patricia McCaleb, teacher "How can I ever thank you. Think of your influence on all of those kids! The gifts you shared were so welcomed, and supported a level of confidence that will serve those students well for so many years." -Marina Stockdale, South Side School teacher "It's always refreshing to see someone hold a group of children captive with only his voice, imagination, and a few good stories. You have an amazing talent and you are doing more good than you know" -Debbie Nugara, first grade teacher "My friends and I attended the show in December. We thoroughly enjoyed it.....and even more when we had the time to meet you for a few minutes in the lobby. We were so glad we could thank you for the wonderful shows you did at our school...You gave the gift of laughter and an experience with performance which many of our students never experienced. It appears you have devoted a great part of your life to entertaining and teaching children through your shows. I am certain you cannot know how many lives you've touched......In our world, which seems so cruel and scary you are a glorious ray of sunshine and hope." ~ A group of teachers from Bullskin Elementary School
Additional Information:

"Folk Trails"

Bullying has become a hot topic for schools all across the country. Storytelling is the universal language that can address this problem. Follow Tim's folk trail around the globe to visit a bullied South American crab, an Egyptian monk who can't seem to get rid of a basket of grapes, and a Japanese lord who will do whatever it takes to save his people. This show encourages children to see how much better the world would be if generosity, kindness and self-sacrifice were the first reaction to every situation. Assembly program suitable for K-8


Do you want your children to be excited about CREATIVE WRITING? This ASSEMBLY PROGRAM has an twenty-year record of success! Thousands of children have laughed their way to better writing skills through this great program. Using the traditional French Fairy Tale, 'How Johnny Pancake Almost Married the Princess of France', Tim takes his audience through the steps of good story building. It's a fun and inspiring way to help kids get excited about writing. Assembly program suitable for K-6

"Goal Tending"

This comedy, based on a 20-year study of disadvantaged children which proved that goal-setting helps anyone become more self-confident and successful, is staged by Tim to help young people realize that dreams can - and do - come true. assembly program suitable for K-8

"Tales That Tell Why"

Why is the sky blue? Why do birds fly south for the winter? Throughout time people have invented stories and myths to make sense of the world around them. With great humor, Tim explains the scientific method and puts it to the test with a scientific explanation of why we have seasons. assembly program suitable for K-6