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Basic Information

Address: 1648 San Charles Dr Dundein, FL
Phone Number: 727 734 0983
Director: Rick Martin

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Tricky Dogs Show
Tricky Dogs Show
Tricky Dogs Show
Tricky Dogs Show

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Additional Information

Focus: Reading for fun and research at the library.
Grade Levels: K-5
Length: 45 minutes

South Eastern US

Pricing: Varies by location.
Setup: 20 minutes
Takedown: 20 minutes
Equipment: Circus style props and costumes including sound system.
Special Requirements: A large room.

Fantastic circus style dog tricks demonstrating important educational themes.

Mission Statement:

To entertain and educate school aged children.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: It's very important to me to engage and entertain my audience without referencing or reinforcing any of the negative trends I see in present day culture.
Program History:

Rick Martin has been performing the Tricky Dogs Show in schools, churches, rec centers etc since 1999. Rick is the author of 'Circus Tricks for Your Dog', published by Sterling Press.

Testimonials: We have performed over 3,000 school shows and have countless references available on request.
Additional Information:

The Tricky Dogs Show is a circus style comedy dog act specifically structured as an elementary school assembly program. This is a polished and professional show with years of experience performing in schools. The show runs 45 minutes and can handle any size audience.