Voices Against Lyme Disease CT

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Basic Information

Address: 5 Kari Court, Windsor, CT 06095
Phone Number: 1-860-930-2446
Director: Bonnie S Waterhouse

Action Shots

Voices Against Lyme Disease CT
Voices Against Lyme Disease CT
Voices Against Lyme Disease CT
Voices Against Lyme Disease CT

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Additional Information

Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-5, 6-8
Length: 1 hour to 1 1/4 hours per session

All of CT

Pricing: $100 per session plus travel expenses

Interactive tick awareness, education and prevention programs for all ages. Up to date current information from researchers and scientists in appropriate formats for older students

Residencies: none
Setup: 1/2 our to setup. currently material distributed and discussed to take home. chairs and table for equipment and material needed Can also use laptop and screen if required.
Takedown: minimal
Equipment: screen and laptop if needed
Special Requirements: none. Though we would like the audience to be no more than 20-24 students at a time.

Myths and Facts regarding ticks and environment
Interactive spotting of ticks on bagels or other items (with magnifying glass)
Handouts of brochures for older students and a new brochure for younger students ready by March.
Tick Id cards, CAES (CT Agricultural experiment station) information on new more aggressive ticks.
For younger students fun poem and movement about ticks- interactive
Additional appropriate handouts by age including mazes, puzzles, etc.
Presentation focuses on tick awareness, where they are, what time of year they are visible, The "family" they come from (aracnids), how to stay safe, how and where to check yourself, symptoms, types of prevention include clothing, repellents along with discussion of pets. We also discuss the importance of healthy immune system by eating properly. We do remind them it's important to spend time outside and have fun. We do not try to scare them, we try to make them aware. There is also question and Answer time.

Mission Statement:

To provide awareness, education and prevention information regarding ticks and their environment in order to help residents in CT understand the importance of being diligent and understanding what's necessary to be safe from the tick environment and illnesses a bite can cause.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: Our belief is if we can be instrumental in helping even one child to understand the need to be cognizant of their environment outside and help to make their family/adults be aware of preventions, we have done what is necessary to help stop the possibility of a lifetime of the terrible illness and disability a tick's bacteria can cause.
Program History:

Our non profit has been in existence since 2014. We have been doing programs across the state of CT throughout that time. We have partnered with Windsor Schools prior to COVID and also with the Windsor Health Dept. In addition to working in the Windsor Schools, we have giving presentations to Suffield summer camps as well as other scouting troops. Our programs have been age appropriate from preschool to high school. We are also often asked to give presentations for organizations, businesses and municipalities.

Testimonials: We have been asked to return each year to the Town of Torrington to provide additional programs for the public works dept, fire and engineering/sanitation area.
We have worked closely with Windsor Schoolds and have been involved with the Business Partnering at JFK school 4th grade.
We developed a poster contest across the 3rd grades in Windsor that enabled the students to create a poster that signified their understanding of our programs. These were hung up in our public library for viewing and eventually voted as to the most creative and most knowledgeable of ticks and environment. A reception followed with members of the Board of Education present. We, "Voices Against Lyme Disease" donated new books to each school that provided up to date information on ticks and prevention with age appropriate information