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Basic Information

Address: 85 Bellavista drive Marietta Ohio 45750
Phone Number: 740 236 2694
Director: Stephen Dixon

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Additional Information

Focus: drug and alcohol and tobbacco prevention as well as entertainment
Grade Levels: 6-8, 9-12
Length: 45 min to 1 hr

any where in us and out

Pricing: this is determined by number of programs.Starting at $500.ea but price can be lowered for each if more are needed.lodging and meals as well as travel may be extra.

I do also do health classes for jr high, High school and collage ages.

Residencies: Taught a program I am certified to teach A.C.T.S thru the courts to people out on probation as a part of their court mandated education.
Setup: 35 to 40 min
Takedown: same
Equipment: I have a portable unit good for up to 400 people ,Magic props and stands
Special Requirements: that I have no one behind me or directly to my right and left on the sides. if the group is bigger than 400 a pa system will need to be provided.

Teaching Dangers of drug and alcohol as well as tobacco abuse, Bullying, using facts not my personal opinion, I use the magic to illustrate my points and to drop their walls so the message goes in.

Mission Statement:

An illusion is when I change how you see things! A delusion is when you change how you see things with drugs ,alcohol ,Tobacco! It Does not matter what you believe! Its what is that will come back to Haunt you .!If you believe a lie or miss information. Then you will live your life based on that info. How ever its still a lie and you will suffer the consquences of those actions.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: I believe that anybody can live a life that is free of drug abuse and alcohol abuse and tobacco as well.If they learn how to deal with the issues they are running from.
Program History:

I had 4 girls hit a van in front of me at 70 mph who were ages 16 thru 18 years old. they were all drunk and coming from a party where their parents had supplied the alcohol.I watch the driver die .I rescued 2 children from the van that cought fire from the accident. they life flited a 7 year old boy and an 18 yer old girl. the girl died in Columbus ohio hospital the next day. out of the 4 girls in the car only 1 survived and she lost the use of her legss from the waist down. I swore that night I would do all I could to not let this happen again. so with my own history I created my program .I started my self drinking in the 6th grade and quit only after collage.

Testimonials: Morgan town High School (Donna Moynahan )your program is the best I have seen.I will not hesitate to recommend your program to anybody. I have now been doing 2 day health classes yearly for them for more than 8 years now. I have many more in my brochure. or you can call for my list of ref.
Additional Information:

Every school i have gone to says my program is the best and i impact their students or inmates in an incredible way.