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Address: HWY 329 Avery Island, LA 70513
Phone Number: 3379673366
Director: Katelyn R Copell

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Days and Hours: Mon-Sun 9am-430pm

We invite you to take a look inside the world of Avery Island. Learn how the McIlhenny family has made an impact on American history and discover the process of the world-famous TABASCO® Sauce during our 10 stop TABASCO® factory tour.

Also, experience the natural beauty and tranquility of Jungle Gardens - a 170-acre semitropical garden that stretches along Bayou Petite Anse on Avery Island where students will enjoy the gently rolling landscape, botanical treasures, conservation efforts, and abundant wildlife.

Attractions range from beautiful flowers to birds to Buddha (a magnificent centuries-old statue on the grounds). In season, students can see azaleas, camellias and colorful bamboo - as well as alligators, deer and the thousands of snowy egrets that nest in Bird City.

Grade Levels:
Group Type: Students
Disabled Access:

Wheelchair and/or handicap accessible at every stop of the TABASCO Tour and Jungle Gardens.

Program Type:
  • American History, Louisiana History, earth science, environmental science, horticulture, plant science, animal science, all age groups k-12.
  • Tour the history and production of TABASCO® Sauce on Avery Island, Louisiana. Including: TABASCO® Museum, Pepper Greenhouse, Barrel Warehouse, Blending and Bottling, Avery Island Conservation, Salt Mine diorama, TABASCO® Country Store, and 1868! Restaurant. 
  • Students will learn about the involvement and impact of the McIlhenny family during the civil war, World War 1 and 2, and other American history events. 
  • Discover varieties of flora and fauna from different countries and wildlife in Jungle Gardens.
Admission/Tickets: $8.50 for both properties, $5.00 for just the TABASCO tour, $4.50 for just Jungle Gardens tou
Registration: Contact Keyna Amy at (337) 373-6139
Food: Students may bring lunch. We also have Restaurant 1868 onsite as well as a deli. We do offer bag lunch options.
Length of Visit: 1 hour for TABASCO tour, 1.5 hours for Jungle Gardens Tour, 3.5 hours for both properties and lunch
Student/Staff Ratio: none
Max. Group Number: none
Group Requirements: none
Return Policy: Refunds before or upon arrival
Exhibits: TABASCO® Tour: Stop 1: Learn the history of TABASCO® Sauce, Avery Island, and the McIlhenny family. Stop 2: View of variety of peppers grown from seeds to full grown peppers. Stop 3: View barrel warehouse for a peek at the mash aging process. Stop 4: Watch the 28-day blending process of salt,vinegar, and peppers in action. Stop 5: Learn why Avery Island is the perfect place to manufacture TABASCO® Pepper Sauce. Stop 6: See a sneak peek of what it's like in the salt mine. Stop 7: Watch us bottle TABASCO® Sauce for distribution to 195 different countries. Stop 8: Learn how TABASCO® Sauce has been flavoring the world of today's kitchens and culinary communities. Stop 9: Sample our sauces and stock up on TABASCO® brand gear and hard-to-find products. Stop 10: Visit Restaurant 1868 for lunch and see how TABASCO® Sauce infused cuisine will flavor your world. Jungle Gardens: Stop 1: Southern oaks Stop 2: Bayou Petit Anse and Marsh Trail Stop 3: Alligators Stop 4: Boat house Stop 5: Venetian gardens Stop 6: Cleveland oak Stop 7: Holly Arch Stop 8: Buddha Stop 9: Wisteria arch Stop 10: Palm gardens Stop 11: Bird city Stop 12: Timber bamboo Stop 13: E.A McIlhenny's house Stop 14: Sunken gardens Stop 15: Camellia's
Freebies: Each ticket includes a free Original Red mini TABASCO® Sauce.
Gift Shop/Factory Outlet: TABASCO® Country Store Gift Shop/ Jungle Gardens Gift Shop
Videos/DVDs Shown: Video clips are shown throughout the TABASCO® tour.
Reservations Needed: Yes
Facility History:

TABASCO® Pepper Sauce:

The diet of the Reconstruction South was bland and monotonous, especially by Louisiana standards. So Edmund McIlhenny decided to create a pepper sauce to give the food some flavor and excitement.
A food lover and avid gardener, Edmund McIlhenny was given seeds of Capsicum frutescens peppers that had come from Mexico or Central America. On Avery Island in South Louisiana, he sowed the seeds, nurtured the plants and delighted in the spicy flavor of the peppers they bore. Many years later field hands used a little red stick, or 'le petite bâton rouge,' to measure the ripeness of the peppers. Staying true to history of TABASCO® Brand, we still use it today to ensure the quality of our harvest.
McIlhenny grew his first commercial pepper crop in 1868. The next year, he sent out 658 bottles of sauce at one dollar apiece wholesale to grocers around the Gulf Coast, particularly in New Orleans. He labeled it "Tabasco," a word of Mexican Indian origin believed to mean "place where the soil is humid" or "place of the coral or oyster shell." McIlhenny secured a patent in 1870, and TABASCO® Sauce began its journey to set the culinary world on fire. Sales grew, and by the late 1870s, he sold his sauce throughout the U.S. and even in Europe.
Today, nearly 150 years later, TABASCO® Sauce, the basic recipe, the process by which it's made, and the ingredients remain virtually unchanged. Now the aging process for the mash is longer - up to three years in white oak barrels - and the vinegar is high-quality distilled vinegar.

Jungle Gardens:

Jungle Gardens was created by Edward Avery "Ned" McIlhenny. Born on Avery Island in 1872, Ned was an arctic explorer, naturalist and conservationist. As a young man, he studied the plants and animals in the Avery Island area. Around 1895, he founded a private bird sanctuary known as Bird City to protect endangered snowy egrets. The son of Tabasco sauce inventor E. McIlhenny, Ned assumed the presidency of McIlhenny Company in 1898 and ran the world-famous pepper sauce operation until his death fifty-one years later. However, he never lost his love of nature and dedication to conservation. He built a home on the island and continued his conservation efforts even as he raised a family and guided Tabasco Sauce to ever-greater success.
In the 1920s, Ned found time to convert his private Avery Island estate into Jungle Gardens - decorating it with exotic botanical specimens from around the world. He gradually expanded the Gardens until it reached its present size of more than 170 acres. After many years spent transforming the landscape, Ned opened Jungle Gardens to the public in 1935. Since then it has remained a favorite south Louisiana tourist destination, wildlife refuge and botanical marvel.

Additional Information:

For additonal information, please contact Kenya Amy at Keyna.Amy@TABASCO.com or (337) 373-6139.