Flagstaff Extreme - NJ

Basic Information

Address: 59 Mt Arlington Rd Ledgewood, NJ 07852
Phone Number: 1.888.241.4582
Director: Steve Kent

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Additional Information

Days and Hours: 7 Days a week, 9am - 7pm

Treetop Adventure and Zipline Course providing outdoor physical challenge and adventure to groups as large as 400.

Grade Levels:
Group Type: Class, Club, Team or Special Group
Disabled Access:

Check-in area, restrooms and office area - Yes. Course and trails under the course - No.

Program Type:

Can provide additional custom training elements to the adventure and zipline courses.  We can do teambuilding, leadership, fear management and boundry expansion facilitation.

Registration: info@flgxnj.com
Food: Snacks, drinks and ice cream
Length of Visit: 4-5 hours
Student/Staff Ratio: 15 to 1
Max. Group Number: 400
Group Requirements: Adequate Supervision
Return Policy: 100% refund with 48 hour notice.
Gift Shop/Factory Outlet: Yes
Retail Store: Yes
Reservations Needed: Yes
Mission Statement:

Our Mission

FLG X New Jersey provides a safe, fun, physical and unique outdoor experience in the trees. FLG X challenges guests to push their limits and overcome their fears in a supportive environment. Through shared experience FLG X creates an opportunity to build relationships with friends and family and to leave feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Safety - Our primary concern is that of safety. We endeavor to create a safe environment by giving guests the knowledge and equipment needed to succeed.
Challenge - Families, friends and co-workers are challenged by overcoming fear and experiencing new adventures through shared experience strengthening their bonds and teamwork.
Courage - We honor our guests' willingness to tackle internal obstacles and overcome fears.
Trust - Through proper communication between guest and staff, we strive to instill faith in the equipment and staff to keep participants safe.
Respect - FLG X promotes sportsmanship among our guests by encouraging them to accept their limits and the limits of others.
Environmental Consciousness - We strive to leave a small footprint in all we do. We work to preserve the trees, the forest floor and to eventually leave the forest in a better state than when we started.


Google: 4.9 out of 5 Stars by 68 reviewers, so far (6/21).

Facility History:

Opened in September 18, 2021 and has thrilled and delighted thousands of guests since.

Social Networking:

Instagram: @flgxnj
Facebook: @flgxnj
Youtube: FLG X Adventure Course - New Jersey

Additional Information:


-All participants must be able to reach at least 5' 9" to the middle of there palm while flat footed. 
-Must weigh less than 275 pounds.
-Must wear closed toe shoes and appropriate outdoor active wear.