Historic Bethel German Colony

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Basic Information

Address: 237 North Main Bethel, MO 63434
Phone Number: 573-633-2640
Fax Number: 573-633-2640
Director: Wendy Brumbaugh

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Historic Bethel German Colony
Historic Bethel German Colony
Historic Bethel German Colony
Historic Bethel German Colony

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Additional Information

Days and Hours: The fest hall restaurant is open 7 days a week 6am to 4pm

Historic Bethel German Colony is an educational and exciting place for a field trip. Bethel was settled in 1844 as a German Communal Colony. Original colony homes are on tour. For school field trips, children step back in time to see how the colonists lived. Students travel through stations depicting the trades and talents of the colonists. Examples include brick making, cooking apple butter, churning butter, baking bread in an outdoor bake oven, making soap, dipping candles, rug weaving, and much, much more.

Grade Levels:
Group Type: School age students and teachers or parents
Disabled Access:

We make every accommodation possible to include all. There are a few houses with steps.

Program Type:

Educational. A step back in time to relive a piece of history. This program is held once a year in the spring for all school types.

Admission/Tickets: $5 no meal, $15 tour and meal
Registration: Call 573-633-2640
Food: A sack lunch is provided for the students and teachers or they can choose to bring their own.
Length of Visit: 3 hours
Student/Staff Ratio: At the teacher's descretion
Max. Group Number: unlimited
Group Requirements: NA
Exhibits: A museum is located in the gift shop on main street.
Freebies: Each child will receive a goodie bag with a souvenir
Gift Shop/Factory Outlet: There is a gift shop with limited souvenirs
Retail Store: NA
Videos/DVDs Shown: NA
Reservations Needed: Reservations are needed for the field trip.

Bethel is located on highway 15 in northeast Missouri. Approximately 45 miles northwest from Hannibal, MO

Nearby Attractions: Mark Twain attractions in Hannibal, MO or Mark Twain lake for camping, boating, & fishing.
Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the Bethel German Communal Colony to provide educational and community arts programs that encourage the community to embrace the arts (dance, music, folk and traditional arts) in a variety of disciplines and to provide opportunities that increase the understanding and appreciation of historic preservation.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Stated in our mission

Facility History:

Bethel, MO was settled in 1844 as a German Communal Society and was successful until the founders' death in 1879. In 1972 several local residents became interested is seeing their cultural heritage preserved and formed what is now called Historic Bethel German Colony. They worked together to restore pride in the community through events, restoration of buildings, education, and folk art demonstrations. Today, Bethel remains much the same. There are approximately 30 original colony buildings, some of which are on tours throughout the year. The elected twelve member board of directors governs the organization and various committees coordinate and carry out activities that support the colony mission.

Social Networking:

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Additional Information:

We accommodate any size group with advance notice. Home schoolers welcome.