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Address: 132 Market Street, Palmyra NY 14522 (office address)
Phone Number: (315) 597-6981
Fax Number: same-call first
Director: Bonnie J. Hays

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Historic Palmyra
Historic Palmyra
Historic Palmyra
Historic Palmyra

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Additional Information

Days and Hours: May 1-Nov. 1 10:30 - 4:30 Tues.-Sat. Nov. 2 -Apr. 30 11-4p.m. Tues.-Thurs.

Five fantastic museums depicting American, state, area, and local history. Military, fabric, arts, early pioneers, Erie Canal, Civil War, War of 1812, inventors, industry, early life, business, and 225 years of evolving. Educational, photographic, religious, organizational, original primary documents, school, Abolition, famous people, and international, government, science, and weather.

Grade Levels:
Group Type: All groups
Disabled Access:

first floor of each museum

Program Type:

history: Abolition, Civil War, Gettysburg, WWII, WWI, Pioneers, Revolutionary War, Religion in Burnt over District, Erie Canal, progress, education, transportation, politics, fabric art, clothing, furnishings, and architecture. Walking and Cemetery tours, Erie Canal towpath tours.

Accreditation: New York State Regents
Admission/Tickets: $5 trail pass includes five (5) museums.
Registration: appointment made
Food: locations to each brown bag lunch. local food establishments. Pizza restaurant
Length of Visit: 1-1/2 - 2 hours
Student/Staff Ratio: 1-10
Max. Group Number: 60
Group Requirements: staff and chaperones
Return Policy: return if deposit is made of 2 weeks
Exhibits: revolving displays of current events and anniversary events in American History. photographs, Erie Canal, American woven coverlets, printing 1820-1970
Freebies: Erie Canal coloring books and activity books Erie Canal Engineering pamphlets Walking tour pamphlet, Cemetery tour pamphlet
Gift Shop/Factory Outlet: yes in Alling Coverlet
Retail Store: Museum gift shop
Amenities: restrooms in 3 museums ramps water available tables and kitchen for indoor lunch picnic tables for outdoor eating parks
Videos/DVDs Shown: Coverlet Museum Shown Erie Canal history shown
Reservations Needed: yes

Upstate New York 25 miles from Rochester and 60 miles from Syracuse, NY in the Northern section of the Finger Lakes in the Western Erie Canal area Route 31 from Albany to Buffalo Route 21 from Lake Ontario to Palmyra right on NYS Rt. 31 to Market Street right on Market Street 1/2 block Exit 43 off NYS Thruway head north to Village of Palmyra NYS Route 31 right second street on left, Market St.

Nearby Attractions: Lake Ontario, Canandaigua Lake, Montezuma Swamp, Orchards to the north, wine country to the south, and Letchworth Park, Erie Canal, Aqueduct Park and Swift's Landing Park.
Mission Statement:

To educate and share local, area, county, state and national history and architecture through the five (5) museums of Historic Palmyra from 1789 to1980 . To offer authenticity and originality depicting the artifacts and archives of the five (5) museums.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

To share all history from the pioneer days and beginning of America through religion, patriotism, citizenship, founding fathers, and the change in America through immigration, politics, religion, organizations, and industry. To share the economic progress, industrial innovation, and basics of the American way of life, from nothing to everything using opportunity, inventiveness, and hard work.


"The tours at Historic Palmyra made my entire vacation." "We come to the museums of Historic Palmyra because of the vast collection and history as well as the authenticity of the sites. "Other museums have replication and reproduction items while history is brought to life through original artifacts and buildings.

Facility History:

The Palmyra Historical Museum and Wm. Phelps General Store and home are from 1826 with parts from 1870 and 1898. The Erie Canal Depot is from 1830 with the original hand hewn beams, and original floor. The Phelps Store has the original 1826 store door and boarding house door. The Palmyra Print Shop was built as a rental store front in 1870 and housed a real job printing shop as well as showing the original printing presses made in Palmyra NY from 1856 to 1923. The Alling Coverlet Museum was built in 1901 as the local newspaper office until 1973 when it became a museum of American hand-woven coverlets (bed covers) The organizational history is over 110 years with the museum history of over 38 years.

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Facebook - Historic Palmyra, Inc. and Historic Palmyra Pintrest at Historic Palmyra Twitter #Historic Palmyra @Historic Palmyra e-mail bjfhpinc@rochester.rr.com with web site: www.historicpalmyrany.com

Additional Information:

A tour to fit your needs and your curriculum for all grades, using primary documents, artifacts, and archives. Informed, well trained docents and guides having expertise in many areas of history and information. Handouts, information geared to your classes' ages and abilities.