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Address: 9294 Springer Pond Road Lumpkin GA 31815
Phone Number: 229.838.6310
Director: Leo Goosell

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Historic Westville
Historic Westville

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Days and Hours: Thursday-Saturday 10am-5pm

Westville is a living history museum depicting life in the rural south..... before the industrial revolution made its way into the area. We have a variety of children's programs designed to teach the value of hard work , the importance of self reliance, , the satisfaction of using one's own hands, and the pride of workmanship exhibited by master craftsmen. We also have a variety of family events throughout the year focusing on craft, fall harvest, and old fashioned fun on the fourth of July.... to name just a few. These events are listed on our web site with the dates and details for each event as they draw closer to the event.

Grade Levels:
Group Type: we work with school groups, homeschool groups, scout troups, boys/girls clubs.
Disabled Access:

Very limited.

Program Type:

The Children of Westville Our Children of Westville Tours are designed for 15 to 30 students. Your students see history through the eyes of a 19th century child by visiting their homes and other buildings they would visit on a regular basis, and by taking part in some of the activities they would have experienced each day. We offer three different tours, concentrating on different cultures, socio-economic levels, and activities. Students may take part in 1, 2, or 3 tours during their visit. Each tour is approximately 1 hour. Our Pioneer Daily Life and Crafts program is a 2-station hands-on program designed for 10 - 30 students, and lasts approximately 2 hours. Would you like your students to better understand daily life in the 1850’s? Westville’s 40 years of practicing 19th century crafts and activities is an excellent program to better comprehend our heritage and the details of daily life. Participants will work to sustain the family, by completing daily tasks. This program focuses on seasonal activities such as preparing and planting gardens, making candles, simple cooking, stacking and loading wood, stuffing mattresses, making lye soap, washing clothes and other domestic chores. Participants make and take home their hand-made candles.

Accreditation: our programs compliment classroom instruction and meet Georgia, Alabama, and Florida performance standards.
Admission/Tickets: group rares availabe, $10adults, children$5.00, preK children free, special event pricing, discounts availble:see website
Registration: reservations required for educational programs
Food: A small restaurant is on site with a limited moderately priced menu. You are allowed to bring your own lunch and picnic on the grounds in the picnic area.
Length of Visit: depends on the program....we can work with you
Student/Staff Ratio: 1-15or 20
Max. Group Number: we can handle larger groups, depending on the program and if time permits us to divide them into smaller groups. just call us if you have questions or concenrs, we can usually find something that works for eveyone.,
Return Policy: call for details
Exhibits: We have over 30 buildings on 83 acres of land. There is a working blacksmith shop and cotton gin. We have a woodshop, shoe shop, and a courthouse. There are a number of houses representing rural and town life of all economic levels of the time. Almost every one of these buildings are authentic original buildings that have been moved to our site from the surrounding area.
Gift Shop/Factory Outlet: yes
Amenities: Public restrooms (not 1850style!).picnic tables, restaurant, parking.
Reservations Needed: reservation are needed for educational programs.

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Nearby Attractions: This area is part of the Presidential Pathways tour of SW Georgia. The closest nearby attraction is Providence Canyon