The John C. Freeman Weather Museum

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Basic Information

Address: 5104 Caroline St., Houston, TX 77004
Phone Number: 713-529-3076
Fax Number: 713-528-3538

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The John C. Freeman Weather Museum
The John C. Freeman Weather Museum
The John C. Freeman Weather Museum

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Additional Information

Days and Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm, Sunday Noon-4pm

WRC advances the science of weather and the knowledge of the weather's impact on the global community through research, prediction, and education in order to inspire America's next generation of scientists and engineers. The Weather Museum also strives to make the community weather-wise.

$5 for adults, $3 for children and seniors, free for children under 3

Guided Tour: $5 students/teachers, $8 adults.

Weather Labs: $200/1 hr session

Guided Tour of the museum: A guide will explain each of the exhibits and answer questions from students. Some TEKS will be covered.

Weather Labs: Meteologists from the center will come to your location to teach a one hour presentation of weather basics with experiments.

Grade Levels:
Exhibits: WRC-TV: Make your own weather forecast at the WRC Weather Studio! Report your forecast from a blizzard, flood, thunderstorm, or hurricane just like the pros using a green screen. Hurricane, Cyclones, Typhoons: Includes satellite and radar images of hurricanes that have affected the Gulf Coast including Hurricanes Katrina & Rita. Also in this exhibit, find out where the storm surge would go along the upper Texas Coast with a Category 5 hurricane. Weather Sphere:Using this 3D digital globe, view and explore images including satellite loops of past hurricane seasons, plate tectonics, satellite tracking, the solar system, and much more!