Ralston Cider Mill

Basic Information

Address: 303 C Mendham Road West Mendham, New Jersey 07945
Director: Raymond Nadaskay

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Additional Information

Days and Hours: 9am - 5pm any day by appointment for school groups

Education Program at the Ralston Cider Mill Museum :            "Things to find out at the mill"    New Jersey History,                               How to Make Cider, Water Power, Simple Machines, Industrial Revolution, Mill Construction                                                                               MEETS CORE CURRICULUM STANDARDS    LIFE, SS, SCI, MATH, LAL, DISC                                                           LEARN about the introduction of apples to North America and how our forefathers made apple cider.                                         SEE history in action as we observe how water power turns shafts, pulleys and belts to operate large cider presses.               SENCE the massive stone walls and heavy wood timber construction of the mill around us.                                                           OPERATE our hand cider press and taste fresh apple cider.                                                                                           INCLUDES: Pre Visit : bound teachers guide and DVD for your smart-Board.                                                                                                           Visit : introductory video, guided tour, equipment demonstration, students grate and pree apples, taste cider                                       and students each receive a test booklet.                                                 


Grade Levels:
Group Type: Designed for 4th 5th grade class groups
Disabled Access:

Fully access to visitor center and descriptive video

Program Type:

Lecture, Video, demonstration, student partisipation 

Admission/Tickets: $6.00 per person
Registration: Preregister on web site form
Food: Includes apple cider tasting. Picnic tables available for class "picnic"
Length of Visit: 50 to 70 minutes
Student/Staff Ratio: 20 students / 2 to 4 staff
Max. Group Number: 50
Exhibits: Historic poster photographs of mill. Poster photographs of existing conditions prior to restoration of of the mill and equipment. Poster photographs of restoration.
Freebies: Students taste apple cider. Each student receives their own test booklet.
Gift Shop/Factory Outlet: Small gift shop, post cards, note cards, bookmarks, picture magnets , T shirts
Amenities: Accesible Toilets Picnic tables
Videos/DVDs Shown: "The first pressing in 80 years" The process of making cider on historic equipment is explained, from apple delivery in vintage trucks to pressing apples.
Reservations Needed: Apply on our web-site.

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Nearby Attractions: Jockey Hollow National Park Cooper Grist Mill Refer to our web-site for additional
Mission Statement:

Ralston Cider Mill is a tax-exempt 501(c) Corporation of the State of New Jersey. Through its board of trustees and with the asssistance of its contributing members and volunteer staff, it is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the Mill. It is dedicated to operating the mill for the public for interpretive and educational experience for individuals, families, researchers and school groups.


"WOW! What a great field trip! Hats off to you and your dedicated team for enabling us to have a wonderful experience. Adults and children alike thouroughly enjoyed themselves! The teachers all just keep saying how GREAT and well planned, organized, informative and educational the entire experience was."

Erica Parke, Mendham Township fourth grade teacher