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Basic Information

Address: 37 Christie Street Edison, NJ
Phone Number: 7325493299
Fax Number: 7325491879
Director: Kathleen Carlucci

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Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park
Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park
Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park
Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park

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Additional Information

Days and Hours: (Thursday – Saturday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM).  Special requests can be made for large tours, 10 or more, on other weekdays.

Education is the highest priority for the museum, whether it's teaching school children or the general public. We strive to teach about:

    • Thomas Edison's life, emphasizing his years at Menlo Park
    • Edison's tremendous accomplishments, especially during the Menlo Park years
    • The importance of Menlo Park as the world's first organized research and development laboratory
    • How Edison's inventions changed our world, affecting so many aspects of modern technology
    • The twentieth century efforts to honor and commemorate Edison's accomplishments at Menlo Park
Grade Levels:
Disabled Access:

ADA Accessible

Program Type:

The two-room museum at the Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park includes both original artifacts and interpretive exhibits relating to Edison’s major inventions at Menlo Park. The themes covered include:


    • Establishment of the world’s first research and development laboratory
    • Perfection of the incandescent light bulb
    • Development of a complete electrical distribution system
    • Invention and progression of the phonograph, the invention that earned Edison the title of the “Wizard of Menlo Park”
    • Twentieth century commemoration of Edison’s accomplishments

Artifacts include a model of Edison’s laboratory, early phonographs and light bulbs, historic photographs, and a Menlo Park era electric generator or “dynamo.” Visitors are encouraged to take a guided tour of the museum’s collections, hear a demonstration of one of the historic phonographs, and try some hands-on demonstrations. The museum provides guided tours to a wide variety of visitors–students from kindergarten to high school, senior citizens, professionals, families, scouts, summer campers, and many others, from across America and around the world. These tours, which are tailored to the specific audience, can be scheduled either for days when the museum is open (Thursday – Saturday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM).  Special requests can be made for large tours, 10 or more, on other weekdays.

Admission/Tickets: $5.00 per person
Food: None available, outside picnic area available
Length of Visit: 2 hours
Max. Group Number: 50 each
Gift Shop/Factory Outlet: We are a digital gift shop list available; ask for further details
Reservations Needed: Call the museum at 732-549-3299

Direction by Car:

    • Garden State Pkwy Exit 132; take Route 27 south (towards Metuchen) about ¾ mile. Turn right onto Christie St.; proceed 3 blocks to the museum.
    • Route 1 to Parsonage Road exit; proceed 1 mile: turn right onto Route 27. Proceed north about ¾ mile. Turn left onto Christie St.; proceed 3 blocks to the museum

Direction by Train: NJ Transit stop Metro Park

Walking Direction from Metro Park Train Station:

1. Start out going southwest on Middlesex Turnpike/County Hwy-657 toward Wood Ave S/County Hwy-649. (go 0.39 miles)

2. Turn right onto Wood Ave S/County Hwy-649. (go 0.1 miles)

3. Turn left onto State Route 27/NJ-27. (go 0.1 miles)

4. Turn right onto Cedar St. (go 0.06 miles)

5. Turn left onto Monmouth Ave. (go 0.13 miles)

6. Turn right onto Philip St. (go 0.06 miles)

7. Turn left onto Tower Rd. (go 0.12 miles)

8. Turn right onto Christie St. (go 0.03 miles)

9. 37 CHRISTIE ST is on the left. (go 0 miles)

Mission Statement:

Our Mission

The mission of the Thomas Edison Center is to honor the memory of Thomas A. Edison and educate the public about Edison, his significant accomplishments at this site, and his impact on modern research and development. Located in Edison Township and within Edison State Park, the Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park consists of the Art Deco Edison Memorial Tower and a small museum and education center devoted to Thomas Alva Edison’s time of immense creativity at Menlo Park.


The Center and the Park are jointly administered by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Parks & Forestry; the Township of Edison; and the non-profit Edison Memorial Tower Corporation, dba / Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park.

Facility History:

The Magic of Menlo Park

For over 130 years, people have been intrigued by Menlo Park. In the 1870s, Thomas Edison's work on electricity and recorded sound seemed so "magical" that people flocked here to see his amazing inventions. Long after Edison left and his buildings fell into disrepair, people have continued to come here to commemorate Menlo Park and the "WIZARD OF MENLO PARK". Today, visitors travel here from throughout the world in order to pay their respects and learn more about Thomas Alva Edison.

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