Water Mill Museum

Basic Information

Address: 41 Old Mill Road, Water Mill, NY 11976
Phone Number: 631 726 4625
Director: Ann Lombardo

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Additional Information

Days and Hours: Sun 1-5, Sat, Mon, Weds, Thurs, Fri 11-5

 Water Powered Grist Mill, fully operational, with daily demonstrations and hands-on learning. 

Exhibits of historical importance relating to agriculture, fishing, ice-harvesting and other activities related to Water Mill History.

Art Exhibits from local current artists. 

Multi purpose room for special exhibits, lessons, activities. 

wetlands garden with explanatory information

Uncle Fred's workshop, a fully intact personal workshop from a descendant of the mill's owner, as it was left in 1952

and more

Grade Levels:
Disabled Access:

yes, for first floor. rest rooms are on second floor.

Program Type:

 We usually offer hands on milling activities for kids. some handouts, takeaways. 

Accreditation: temporary charter with NY State, permanent charter is underway
Admission/Tickets: free, donations accepted with appreciation
Registration: call or email
Food: bring your own, we do have a rudimentary kitchen for arrangements made in advance.
Length of Visit: usually 1 to 2 hours
Student/Staff Ratio: need 1 staff to 4 students
Max. Group Number: 25
Exhibits: Fully operational Grist Mill, water powered, gears visible, good personal demo Agricultural History of Water Mill, 10-15 exhibits on 2 floors
Freebies: free grain bag, corn cob after it's been used for grinding
Gift Shop/Factory Outlet: yes
Retail Store: yes
Amenities: Bathroom on 3rd floor
Videos/DVDs Shown: no
Reservations Needed: yes

 off route 27 in Water Mill, on Old Mill Road. 

Nearby Attractions: Parrish Art Museum, Hank's Pumpkin Town (seasonal), Watermill Center, Water Mill's Windmill on the Green, Beaches
Mission Statement:



The mission of the Water Mill Museum is to

preserve its historic water-powered grist mill,

the other buildings at its site and its museum

collection; And to inform the public about the

history of the mill, the hamlet of Water Mill and

the hamlet's cultural and natural heritage.

The museum's collection will contain items

that best depict the many past uses of the water mill

building, the agricultural base of the hamlet's first 300 years and the commercial, cultural and social development of the hamlet of Water Mill

from 1644 to the present.

To that end, the museum shall keep in good repair

all its buildings, collect, preserve, exhibit and interpret items and information related to the history of the mill and the hamlet and provide educational programs and exhibits that relate to Water Mill's people and its history.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We are an all-volunteer board and working organization. We do not pay any fundraisers. Only our Accountant and Mill Daily Staffer gets a small stipend.

Facility History:

 Mill was built in 1644, the oldest commercial structure on the East end of Long Island. 

became a museum in the late 1940's, saved by a group of local and summer-visitor women. 


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