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The Human Rights Game©

The Human Rights Game is the perfect resource for teaching human rights and minimizing school-based bullying as it is fun, highly engaging and most of all educational.

Human Rights affects everyone all over the world. Importantly, these rights hold a significant place within the curriculum, in subject areas including but not limited to, social sciences, humanities and health. Everyone needs to be educated on their rights and the rights of others in order to behave appropriately and respectfully in society.

Sadly, there are far too many alarming press reports citing ongoing human rights abuses in all walks of life. Furthermore, there are too many reports of students experiencing record levels of anxiety.  Let's see how The Human Rights game can help.


The first aim of The Human Rights Game is to make a positive difference by teaching children and teens about their rights, freedoms and responsibilities as individuals and groups of individuals in educational settings. We underpinned our educational game with the United Nations 30 Articles and its three pillars (Freedom, Equity, and Dignity) so that it has contemporary relevance and authenticity.

The second aim of our game is to help students learn how to make better choices in a rapidly changing world whereby mores, customs, ethics, and values are learnt from non-traditional sources often with materialistic and prejudice underpinnings. Much of the learning takes place through discussion, short storytelling and problem-solving.

The third aim of our game is to help minimize school-based bullying. One of the key learnings associated with participation in gameplay is learning how to be respectful. If students are being respectful, it is virtually impossible to bully.