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Address: Mailing Address: PO Box 2409 Pagosa Springs, CO 81147-2409 Shipping Address: Please call or email for this information
Phone Number: 970-264-4050 or Toll Free 800-858-7302
Fax Number: 970-264-9330
Person of Contact: Nettie Hunsicker

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Quest Aerospace, Inc.
Quest Aerospace, Inc.
Quest Aerospace, Inc.
Quest Aerospace, Inc.

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Store Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30AM to 4:30PM (MST) Website available 24 hours/7 days a week. Our office is closed for most federal holidays.
Supplies For: Students, Parents, Teachers, Schools, School Districts
Area Served: United States
Coupons/Discounts: 25% Off Retail Pricing - Discount not to be used with other offers - Use Coupon Code QWRK12A when placing an order.

Quest Water Rockets:

Starter Sets - are the best way to begin your rocketry adventure.

Single Rockets - are ideal for adding additional rockets if you already own the Launch System.

Class Packs - are designed for groups, scouts, classrooms, parties.

  • If you are new to Quest Water Rockets we recommend the All Inclusive Class Pack which includes the Launch System and 6 water rockets.
  • The Water Rocket Only Class Pack is ideal for adding rockets if you own the Launch System

Accessories - available to you are launch systems and extra parts which will keep you flying for hours.

You will need to provide:

  • A PET soda bottle - 24 oz, 1 liter or 2 liter (a list of compatible bottles are listed on our website)
  • Fuel Measuring flask or cup
  • A bicycle pump with pressure gauge
  • Fuel (Water)
  • For assembly, our unique Rigid Foam Fin system requires a "Low-Temp" Hot Melt glue gun for quick application. White glue will also work but allow for drying overnight. (Assembly instructions are available on our website)

Also available through Product Support are the following:

  • Fin Trimming Guides
  • Water Rocket Assembly Instructions
  • Launch Pad Assembly Instructions
  • Launch Instructions
  • Free Graphics
  • Product Registration
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Quest Aerospace, Inc. Water Rockets

Quest Aerospace, Inc. Model Rockets -

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The Quest Water Rocket Story

People first started using pressurized soda bottles as self-made rockets many years ago. The result: rockets cobbled together with tennis balls for nose cones and fins held on with duct tape. Primitive launch systems made from plumbing pipe and zipties… all of it crude, and NONE of it reliable or SAFE.

And in all these years, no company has offered a safe, engineered, complete system.

So we started thinking of a solution. Our Engineers asked; “wouldn’t it be cool if we could create new rocketry products that were as fun and safe to use as solid propellants – but eliminated all the hassles associated with them?”

Two years later and hundreds of prototypes, the result is a finely engineered rocket and launch system that performs like much more expensive solid propellant “hobby” rockets and less like the hand-held water rocket “toys” you remember as a kid…

Check back as we add more content to our website. We are looking forward to presenting features including a way for users to submit their own ideas for future rocket designs, accessories and improvements. Viewers will be able to vote on the ideas they like the best, and if we can, we will introduce the changes and new products to our rapidly expanding product line.

About Quest Aerospace, Inc.
We are located in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We have serviced our customers via retail outlets and direct mail order since the spring of 1991. Our online service was introduced in 2006. We work with schools and organizations providing a quality product at a discounted price.