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Address: P.O. Box 231031 Encinitas, CA 92009 USA
Phone Number: 800-757-1702, ext. 5
Fax Number: 760-635-0747
Person of Contact: Nancy Holt

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Steps4Kids, LLC
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Store Hours: 9 - 5 pm M - Friday (On-line orders processed 24/7)
Supplies For: Students, Parents, Teachers, Schools, School Districts
Area Served: USA, Canada
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Steps4Kids to Write Their ABCs (DVD) - Teaches how to print all upper and lowercase letters in a single dvd using video modeling.  Writing demonstrations are preceded by graphics of the letters and two words to help develop phonemic awareness and early literacy skills.  Letters are taught in sequences that build upon common letter strokes to help avoid reversals.  Drawing breaks using select letters are interspersed to help keep children engaged!  Selected as one of the top ten videos for children by child development expert Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D. (a/k/a/ Dr. Toy).  Awarded DVD of the Year and other top awards (see website for more information). Can be used to supplement writing lessons for general and special edcuation students.  (Approx. 60 minutes/Traditional printing similar to Zaner-Bloser®)

Steps4Kids to Write Modern Manuscript (DVD) - Both upper and lowercase letters are taught to support programs using the D'Nealian or Palmer approach.  Over 100 words are also introduced with short practices to help with the memorization and reading of the words.  Drawing breaks are interspersed to make practicing fun!  Winner of classroom "Media of the Year" and other awards.   Also selected as one of the "Top Videos for Students" by Booklist (2011). (Approx. 90 minutes/Modern Manuscript printing).

Steps4Kids to Write Cursive (DVD) - Cursive dvd teaches how to write upper and lowercase letters and how to connect the letters to form words.  Cursive words are also shown to help students learn to read cursive writing becuase many cursive letters are different than their printed counterparts (e.g. b, f, etc.).  Look2Write games are interspersed whereby the teacher can pause the image shown and viewers can try to write down as many things they see in the picture that start with the letters shown (teacher/parent can determine how long to give viewers!).  Includes a track for instructors with tips on how to supoprt lefties and other writing issues.  Recipient of a Parents' Choice Foundation award, 5 star award of excellence from the ToyMan® and other awards.  (Approx. 60 minutes/Modern Cursive)

Steps4Kids to Multiply (DVD) - Teaches multiplication facts using numbers 0 through 12.  Separate track teaches multiplication properties and how to remember each one.  Thirteen number tracks enable each number to be individually selected for targeted practice.  Each number track also includes practice tests to help with rote memorization.  Equations are shown both vertically and horizontally.  Patterns in the times tables are also discussed as are tips to help children succeed remembering their times tables.  Winner of "DVD of the Year" award," the "All Star" endorsement from the Kids First! Coalition for Quality Children's Media and received a "star" review from the School Library Journal.


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Steps4Kids, LLC has made award winning educational DVDs since 2005 earning numerous awards for its products.  Steps4Kids also provides free worksheets and educational packets on its website to support teachers at home and at school.