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Address: P.O. Box 340669, Sacramento CA 95834
Phone Number: 800-624-9163
Fax Number: 916-312-3399
Person of Contact: fiona@wailana.com

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Supplies For: Students, Parents, Teachers, Schools

As a world-renowned yoga teacher, Wai Lana has been making healthy living easy and accessible to all for decades with her popular TV series, Wai Lana Yoga. She also has a complete line of yoga and fitness products for all ages plus a line of gluten-free snacks. Visit her website, wailana.com, to see her full range of products.
Wai Lana Protective Facemasks for Kids
Dear parents,
In these uncertain times, one thing is for certain, we all want our kids and loved ones to be safe. Back to school will certainly bring some challenges, but with Wai Lana's Protective Facemasks for Kids, you can rest easier knowing your children are protecting themselves and others. Offering 3 layers of protection, our high-quality reusable facemasks are comfortable, light, cool, easy to breathe through, and stylish so kids will want to wear them. We also offer protective masks for adults, including KN95 and disposable masks and a wide range of reusable cloth masks.
Teacher's Yoga Kit
Attention Schoolteachers!
Introduce yoga to your students the fun and easy way with Wai Lana's Little Yogis School Kit. Wai Lana helps you introduce young students to yoga in a way that engages, entertains, and delights children while simultaneously stretching and strengthening their bodies, sharpening their minds, and improving their balance and coordination--all without the kids even realizing they're exercising!
Kit contains:

  • 12 Little Yogis Mats (printed with images of little yogis doing different yoga postures)
  • 12 Little Yogis Mat bags (each mat would be shipped in a bag so no assembly)
  • 1 Little Yogis DVD with a set of stickers (little yogi characters)
  • 1 Little Yogis Poster

More Little Yogis Product
Wai Lana's Little Yogi's line features two lively DVD workouts that combine live-action, catchy songs, and playful cartoons to make yoga fun for kids. She also offers a Daydream CD and DVD to help children calm down and rest with soothing sights and melodious sounds. Wai Lana's beautifully illustrated Fun Exercise book is filled with charming characters, funny jokes, playful activities, and secret surprises to get kids exercising and loving it. The most recent addition to the Little Yogis line is Wai Lana's Fun Songs Cartoons animated music DVD.
Yoga Mats and Accessories
Wai Lana offers a diverse range of fitness and lifestyle products that are beautiful and inspiring, yet at the same time practical, durable, and effective. Her line includes Yoga & Pilates Mats, mat bags, yoga kits, blocks, straps, bolsters, and much more.
Recipe Books
As a yoga practitioner and vegetarian for over forty years, Wai Lana's commitment to good health couldn't be more evident than in the luscious, mouth-watering recipes she shares in her popular books, Wai Lana's Favorite Juices and Wai Lana's Favorite Soups.
Gluten-Free Snacks
Wai Lana's offers a wide range of gluten-free chips, including her cassava Veggie Chips; Purple Sweet Potato, Yellow Sweet Potato, and Mixed Roots Chips; and new Rice Crisps and Vegan Cheese Twists.
Instructional Yoga Lessons
Wai Lana's yoga exercise DVDs, including her latest Yoga for Everyone Series, are a convenient and inspiring way to practice yoga in the comfort of your home. The Easy Yoga Series and Hello Fitness Series are available around the world in different languages. A fourth series, Fun Challenge, targets intermediate and more advanced levels. Wai Lana's Yoga TV series is also available on Amazon Prime and from her website, as is her new Wai Lana Insights series--short videos featuring inspiration and tips for a healthy lifestyle.
Wai Lana's Easy Meditation for Everyone kit teaches ten different methods of Yoga Sound Meditation™ to help people of all ages experience refuge from the stress, anxiety, fear, loneliness, emptiness, and other aspects of life that can overwhelm us. Also available as an app, see www.wailana.com/app for details.