Longstreet D&R LLC

Basic Information

Address: 34 West 33rd Street, New York, New York, 10001
Phone Number: 6469491257

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Additional Information

Business Hours: M-F 8AM-6PM
Schools Serving: The School District of Philadelphia, Lafayette Parish School District, St. Lucie Public Schools, Little Elm School District, The School District of Oklahoma City and many more!
Brand Names:

We Manufacture the Following Brands in Uniforms and Activewear:

* U.S. Polo ASSN.
* Eddie Bauer
* Genuine School Uniform
* English Laundry
* Ecko and more!

Company History:

Longstreet has been manufacturing children's clothing for over 50 years and we are extremely proud of our heritage. It all started many years ago with Mr. Harry S. Tawil, the founder of the company, when he was a young boy growing up in an orphanage. He grew up with 7 siblings and he was the father figure of the family. He made it his goal to provide not only for his family but also for others who found themselves in a financial predicament. Mr. Tawil started selling handkerchiefs door to door and eventually started a company of his own, known as Longstreet. After getting married and having children, Mr. Tawil invited his kids into the business with him. Mr. Tawil taught his children the importance of giving back to the community and dealing honestly and with integrity in all business matters. Children's causes, especially the education of the youth, became a mission for Mr. Tawil. Understanding the importance of giving all children an equal chance in school, Mr. Tawil made school uniforms his priority. Today, Longstreet gives out 100's of thousands of dollars a year to charity … never forgetting the mission of their father.

Longstreet continues to follow the direction of their founder and has recently launched a website transforming the way uniforms are supplied, especially to those in hard to reach places. DressingAmericasYouth.com (This Very Site), is a website where McKinney Vento Liaisons can order clothing by individual student. The merchandise ships via UPS, shipping is always free, anywhere in the United States. The program has been an amazing success for both children and liaisons on many levels. The children get their clothing delivered right to the school, home, or shelter, no longer requiring parents to get to a store. This often is a hardship for families in need, as well as a cause for children's absenteeism. The liaisons no longer need to order goods in bulk, paying for goods they don't require or getting stuck with unwanted sizes. Today we service districts from Philadelphia to Florida, across to California and points in between.