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Address: 207 N. Laura Street, Suite 240
Phone Number: 904-551-7775
Person of Contact: Kirsten Doolittle

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Aequitas Counsel investigates allegations of misconduct for workplaces and schools. Each investigation is conducted in an impartial, thorough and prompt manner, so that the integrity of the process and privacy of all involved are protected.


At the end of each investigation, our attorneys prepare a report that sets forth the facts discovered, an analysis of the evidence, and findings as to whether the alleged misconduct occurred.

These findings help clients understand the circumstances giving rise to a complaint and inform a decision on whether to take corrective action.


Our investigations identify growth opportunities within a client's particular department, practice or policy. By providing this service, workplaces and schools are able to resolve serious matters and maintain safe and inclusive environments.

Our attorneys have a depth of experience in employment and Title IX law and have received significant training in all aspects of workplace and Title IX investigations.