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Address: 14022 Fairway Oaks, San Antonio Texas 78217
Phone Number: 2105216439
Person of Contact: Alicia Tapp

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Alicia Tapp Designs
Alicia Tapp Designs
Alicia Tapp Designs
Alicia Tapp Designs

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Alicia Tapp Designs can transfer paintings, your personal or vintage photographs onto tumbled marble, ceramic, glass or porcelain tiles, creating TILE MURALS for indoors or outdoors, commercial, residential or school projects ...floors, walls, countertops, floors, pools, spas, kitchen backsplash, bathroom and shower backsplash.
CHILDRENS' ART or their hand prints transferred onto porcelain tiles to create outdoor wall displays.. Guaranteed for a lifetime
IMAGED FLOORS that are skid resistant-- We have a proprietary process that needs no extra coatings.. The skid resistance is embedded into the tiles. ... Get Inspired... Mosaic Murals is the art of creating images with an assemblagenof small pieces of colored stone and glass.
Walls, floors, countertops, pools, water features, indoor and outdoors , entryway floors, medallions, and outdoor wall designs