Athletics Equity Consulting

Basic Information

Address: 1327G W. Greenleaf Avenue, Chicago, IL
Phone Number: 757-619-3190 or 773-875-4674
Person of Contact: Linda Mastandrea or Linda Harris

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Athletics Equity Consulting

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Additional Information

Athletics Equity Consulting was founded by partners Linda Harris and Linda Mastandrea to assist school districts, schools and programs in understanding their obligations to students with disabilities and complying with those obligations, particularly as they relate to extracurricular activities and sports and recreation programming.

With decades of experience in this arena, Harris and Mastandrea are able to provide individualized assessments, helping schools review, revise and implement policies and procedures to successfully incorporate the recent OCR guidance regarding inclusion of student athletes with disabiltiies. The services we offer include: 


Policies and Procedures

Athletics Equity Consulting can assist all covered entities (under section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act or the Americans with Disabilities Amended Act) to ensure that current practices, policies and procedures are effective in providing students, and others with disabilities, an opportunity to participate in all activities, including sports programs.


We also offer training to key personnel in developing non-discriminatory, essential requirements for participation in specific activities, and to identify reasonable accommodations that may assist students, and others with disabilities, in meeting these requirements. Each of our clients receives customized assistance to address individual needs.

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