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Address: 11167 Big Tree Rd, East Aurora, NY 14052
Phone Number: 1-800-536-1401
Fax Number: 1-800-569-3334
Person of Contact: RJ Klisiewicz- Operations Manager

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Auctions International, Inc.
Auctions International, Inc.
Auctions International, Inc.
Auctions International, Inc.

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Additional Information

Sell your surplus school buses, vehicles and equipment as well as all personal and business assets to online bidders from all over the Northeast and beyond! As an educational seller, pay NO commission on lots that sell for more than $249. Let our auction experts take care of the rest. Online auctions can get 25%-40% higher returns on your surplus than traditional disposal methods. Call today to find out how or visit us online! Not looking to sell any of your surplus as this time? Feel free to take a look on our website for surplus assets being sold from other districts as well as hundreds of government agencies.

Additional surplus Items that are sold regularly on our site (for your

Class Room:
-copy machines

-serving stations

-track irrigation
-wrestling mats
-gymnastic pads
-protective gear

-plow trucks
-snow blowers
-floor scrubbers

-BOCE program teaching equipment (motors, machine shop equipment, etc)