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Address: 333 North Alabama Street Suite 350 Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone Number: 317.559.3322
Person of Contact: Jim Oxley

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At CIV LED Lighting Solutions, we pride ourselves on our extensive industry experience, our exceptional process and our strict quality control standards which result in the superior selection of quality LED products that we are known for.

All our LED products have been manufactured in anti-static, dust-free and high-tech workshops which means that when you purchase a CIV LED Lighting Solutions product, you can be assured of an item that is an intelligent solution for all your LED energy requirements.

With exceptional customer service, integrity, reliability and excellence being the cornerstone of all we do here at CIV LED Lighting Solutions, you can be assured of only the very best that the LED industry has to offer. Our friendly and professional sales team is always ready to answer any questions or queries you have regarding our products and they are only just a call or a message away.

Charity may start "at home," but it continues in the workplace. CIV LED Lighting Solutions gives back more than 15 percent of net revenue to three charities… naming as Johnson County United Way, Indy Family Foundation and American Baptist International Ministries.

Light up your life with CIV LED Lighting Solutions!

CIV LED Lighting and sister companies believe very strongly that our communities are our responsibility. We have been blessed in so many ways personally and culturally. However, very seldom do we give back with "giving hearts" which is how we are supposed to give.

We are convicted in our beliefs that we feel that our efforts are not meaningful or will not make a difference. Making a difference starts with "1", and that is what we are committed too. We have selected five charities that we will make quarterly donations to based on our efforts(should this be "profits"?). We are sharing our "first fruits" with these non-profits for various reasons. Below we have outlined why these are our charities:

Indy Family Foundation, Inc is the non-profit with the sole purpose to raise funds to assist the auto racing community at-large when individuals involved in auto racing face financial hardships due to injuries and illnesses that effect their families. Eligible motor racing participants include mechanics, drivers, course workers, support personnel, public relations and media workers, team owners, and administrative personnel. Having grown up in "The Racing Capital of the World" I was fortunate as a young boy to be exposed to this exciting and grueling sport. My dad worked on the track safety crew for 14 years at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, my brother spent time on that same crew for two seasons prior to joining the U.S. Air Force. My mom was the hostess of the CARA (most people will have no idea what CARA stands for) room for many years and a recipient of the Betty Rutherford Award given by CARA. My sister served many years as a board member of CARA, volunteered for many fundraising activities, served as Treasurer of CARA, and currently serves as Treasurer of the Indy Family Foundation. I had the privilege of timing for Firestone Tire and Goodyear Tire at IMS for tire tests, traveling with race teams and attending races at many venues. This helped to form my love for the special people of racing, however, I also witnessed the periodic hardships associated with racing. This cause unity (I don't understand "This cause unity") for many years and I look forward to our continuing support.

Kate Oxley Memorial Fund (managed by Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund) was formed by the love and generosity at the time that our youngest daughter went home unexpectedly to be with our Lord. Currently, the direction has not been fully determined, however, our Kate had such a passion for life, fashion and travel the direction will be focused on these areas.

The Johnson County United Way was chosen because of personal involvement for many years, and our continued desire to make as much of a local impact as we can.

I have served for 17 years on public and private school boards and am an advocate for solid education for our future leaders. This commitment to education for our younger leaders and my faith in Jesus Christ leads me to Greenwood Christian Academy, located in Greenwood, IN (no period) as a non-profit to support. We don't want this be viewed as not being supportive of our public education system because with my exposure that is put on our public education from so many outside factors, I am very proud of the public schools in our community. However, GCA's mission statement is why we will support this profit school:

Greenwood Christian Academy exists to assist parents in their God-given responsibility of discipling their children through academics, athletics and the arts in a Christ-centered environment.


American Baptist International Ministries has been established for over 200 years to support ministries throughout the world. The core values are to reach out across the world to support our global partners in delivering Christian values, supporting orphanages, seminaries and refugee camps. They will fight world hunger, poor medical services and child trafficking while committing relentless hours to make a difference.

These charities and non-profits may change in the future, however, these all touch areas of many lives that CIV LED Lighting wants to try to help make a difference.