Commercial Interiors Direct

Basic Information

Address: 1 S.Corporate Dr Riverdale NJ07457
Phone Number: 973-809-2903
Fax Number: 973-749-6146
Person of Contact: Joe Stone

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Additional Information

Since 1992 Commercial Interiors Direct, lnc. (CID) has been a STATE CONTRACTED VENDOR for furniture, carpeting, window treatments and ceiling tiles which ensures high quality services and products to meet your business needs. Purchasing through CID provides access to industry leading manufacturers and service companies.

CID's trained personnel can assist in the designing, planning and budgeting of your furniture, window treatment and flooring projects. These services are covered by the planning services provision in the state contract and are included in the pricing of the contracted items.

Enclosed is a comprehensive listing of our products and services under our current state contracts.

Please include Commercial Interiors Direct, lnc. on your contact list of state contract vendors for your furniture, window treatment and floor projects. We would welcome the opportunity to provide a quote for products and services.

For any additional information, please email us at or contact our office at (973) 839-8394.